THE ODD THE WEIRD AND THE ELASTIC, (open) (#TiD-89) unknown

SCENE SET »  Andrea was nearing the Xavier institute for the gifted and her nerves were on pinpricks as she worried if this was the right thing to do, on the flip side was going back to her parents and the cold room of isolation.

Something that made her blood run cold as she thought about it, as the car slowed to the gates. There was no going back, as the car stopped for a moment as her father need to use the intercom. After a few moment's the gates opened and felt movement in the car.

Andrea saw what looked like a paradise, as there were other kids with ability’s running around having fun. Without a care in the world about the fear and stigma that warps around them from other that, think that. Being a mutant is something that needs to be taken from their loved ones and studied like a lab rat, something that Andrea didn't want to happen to her.

Once again the car slowed to another stop, only this time it was time for Andrea to get out. Taking her stuff, not forgetting her teddy her now the only compainon. As well as her other belongings from the car and nothing but silence from Andrea mum and dad. feeling shameful as it was that there the only little girl was different to the world.

Not knowing what to say to, yet Andrea didn't want to hear anything even if they did. so just took a breath being sure that she didn't inhale too much or she could have inadvertently expanded her without knowing and would end up getting looked as a fat kid and possibly bullied.

After seeing that she hadn't done so, walked to the main door and opened it and enter the hallway to where she thought that she could meet someone that could help her find her way around and the place to sign in and get settled into her room.

Before getting to know where everything was and what classes she would be in, thinking that was if she got a mind reading power rather than one of elasticity.

Andrea spotted someone and politely called them over with a smile. “Um excuse me, I’m a new student here and I need to know where to go to get registered and who I need to see.” “Can you help me?” trying to put on a brave face one to cover her jelly inside.

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