Johnny Come Lately (Quantum and Johnny Storm: Private Thread)

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SCENE SET »  A little Italian restaurant in Manhattan; Giorgio's Place was a nice 20 table exclusive site with leather high back booths and tea light lit candles on the table. it was considered romantic and the food was tasty but it's wine and liquor were served by expert bartenders in black and white uniforms in old 1950's gangster outfits which matched the old New York style of the place.

Giorgio actually didn't exist as the place was owned by a young and coming chef by the name of Antoine Fazolli but he did have a grandfather by the name of Giorgio that earned his gratitude for the name of the place. Quantum aka Derek Santanello was your typical Italian whose desire for a good home cooked meal was satisfied by Antoine's attention to detail and his home grown tomatoes and herbs made Derek remind him of his own mother's cooking. It was a no brainer to ask Johnny out to this place so that Derek could feel at ease at least about the food. He was still nervous about the date as he had never asked a guy out let alone the world famous playboy superhero Johnny Storm.

He had a reputation as both a lady killer and a hotthrob and when he began working with him on several cases with SHIELD. He fell first in lust for him and as he got to know him better actually found out he wasn't like the news had portrayed him at all. He had been down to Earth and friendly and with a charm that made Derek appreciate both his company and his skills. Derek was an Inhuman with particularly strong powers but he didn't have the experience or training of the Human Torch so when Johnny suggested things it came from a place of wisdom and he typically didn't make Derek feel overwhelmed or inept.

Derek was wearing a pair of tan slacks and a dress shirt with a dark brown jacket. The shirt was blue which highlighted his own blue eyes. He wore a silver and black wrist watch given to him by his brother Erik and his hair was combed back giving him a younger appearance. He had worn a light aftershave which smelled of cinnamon and spice which reminded him of his father. It was the holidays and he liked the smell of cookies and Christmas so he wore it to be festive. He had a scarf that was tan and matched his pants. He didn't feel the cold like normal people anymore but the scarf was more of a style than of necessity. He was early and waited in the lounge for Johnny. It had a bar with high stools and he was nursing a cocktail of Gin and seltzer with a lime swirling in the glass. The ice had melted and it had diluted the gin so he asked the bartender to freshen his drink and he sighed as he saw Johnny through the glass windows of the store front.

Human Torch » Johnny was nervous dressed in a blue blazer, black pants and black dress shoes. He'd dressed up wanting to look his best and this was a date. He had never even thought Derek looked twice at him like that. Sure the party had gotten to a weird start with the odd recruiting in the middle of a party and then it being ended early cause of the attack. But they'd sorted that mess out. But there was no sign of the creep who attacked as far as he knew.

He arrived at the restaurant and spotted Derek. He smiled nervously as he walked up to him. He'd dated plenty of girls before and he was more in his element but as for guys he tended to do more one night stand type things as the dates always felt awkward the couple t times he tried it. But Derek was different. He wanted everyone to know he was dating him and to know how special he is.

"Hey Derek. I hope I'm not too late." said Johnny.

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Where » Giorgio's Place Italian Restaurant, Manhattan

When » 2016-09-03

Phase » Early_Evening

Quantum » Derek lit up like a child seeing a birthday cake when Johnny entered the restaurant. He smiled and held out a hand to shake Johnny's hand. He wanted to kiss him but that would have been too forward for a first date.

"No, no you are fine...I had just ordered one drink at the bar when you got here," Derek had no intention of telling Johnny he had come early to make sure the table, server and food were perfect and added a little pre-service tip to make sure they had a quiet time.

"No, i just really like this place and hope you will too," Derek escorted Johnny to the table which had a lit candle in a red jar and place setting already waiting for them. A man wearing a waiters outfit walked over to the table and offered a wine selection.

Derek apologized for bring up SHIELD at Johnny's party. He should have discussed it with him first but he was under pressure from Coulson and Fury to reform the Avengers by any means possible.

The wine was served and Derek changed the subject to compliment Johnny on his outfit and how it made his eyes sparkle. He had kept things professional for the most part but it was hard working with him on SHIELD projects without flirting. They had found an alien spacecraft with a huge Earth elemental and the two of them fought the guy called Terrax. They almost died had it not been for Johnny using his powers at the hottest temperatures he could reach and Derek learning how to use his power to amplify energy and create shields and they finally defeated the alien. He was incarcerated in the Vault and it was then that Derek asked Johnny out. They fought some insanely powerful beings and they risked their lives too so why deny themselves their attraction.

"Well. I miss my mom's cooking so i found this place to be a good reminder of a home cooked meal," Derek went on to tell Johnny about his 3 sisters and twin brother; Eric.

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Where » Giorgio's Place Italian Restaurant, Manhattan

When » 2016-09-03

Phase » Early_Evening

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Human Torch » Johnny grinned and shook Derek's hand. He raised an eyebrow.

"Only one??" asked Johnny.

He was a bit nervous himself but he hoped this went well. If things ended badly it'd be hard to work together. That's why he'd never dated anyone in SHIELD. Sure he flirted with people but never gone beyond that.

"I'm sure I will." said Johnny.

He followed Derek to the table. The man brought wine selection and Johnny shrugged. He never drank much wine so if Derek chose something he'd probably try some.

"It's ok. I was upset then but I know you didn't meany any harm. I did make the party to have fun but that creep ruined the fun anyway. I wonder who that guy was." said Johnny.

Johnny grinned at the compliment.

"I've never heard someone say my eyes sparkle." said Johnny.

He chuckled.

"Your mom cooks like a restaurant chef? Where's her restaurant at then?" teased Johnny.

He listened to Derek talk about his family.

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Where » Giorgio's Place Italian Restaurant, Manhattan

When » 2016-09-03

Phase » Early_Evening