The Fast and the Curious

The Fast and the Curious (#TiD-76) unknown

SCENE SET »  Boss Nova or Baby Nova, whichever was more accurate...right now Sam was feeling both excited about the future and a little overwhelmed. When he'd come across the country to try and meet other heroes, he hadn't expected that he'd meet so many his own age. He'd thought he'd have to prove himself to the adults in the same way he'd always had to prove himself.

With everything he had dealt with, Sam's dad hadn't always been able to provide for the family. They were poor, from the wrong side of town and the popular kids had rejected him on sight. He'd never had a chance. Being here, with these other kids, Sam was beginning to feel as if he might actually be a part of something important. He might have a chance to have friends, too. But as hard as that was to process or accept on some levels (he was having to fight the urge to use snark to cover his insecurities at every turn but he really didn't want them to dislike him), it wasn't the only unexpected thing to happen since he'd been coming East to play hero.

He hadn't expected that he would fall hard for one of them. He didn't know if he was in love or lust or something else, but whatever it was he felt a million new and little things whenever he was around Tommy Sheppard. Just seeing Tommy made his heart race and his body feel warm all over. Hearing his voice made the imaginary little insects crawling all through his tummy go spastic.

More than that, he'd never been more curious about another person and he had never wanted to get to know anyone else more in his life. When Tommy wasn't around he felt lethargic and sick. When he was, he felt like he'd explode from happiness. He had no idea what was going on and it was making him a bit crazy.

He excused himself from the meeting, it seemed to be wrapping up anyway as talk turned from saving the city to hamburgers and milkshakes. Sam put on his helmet and zoomed up to the roof of the church. He needed some fresh air. He needed to see an expanse of sky. He had the urge to just run and fly off into another new galaxy to give himself time to process this but then he couldn't bring himself to leave either. He knew he'd end up missing Tommy and wondering what might have been.

Standing on the edge of the roof, Sam removed the helmet and sat down on a crumbling stone peak. He was still worried that everyone here hated him for being his regular jerky self but mostly he needed to try and clear his head so that Tommy wasn't all he thought about.

Nova » Sam felt a rush of wind beside him and looked up to see Tommy standing there. He'd never seen anything as beautiful in his life. He swallowed and said, "Hi."

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Speed » Tommy was not far behind Sam, after all he was called Speed for a reason; Besides the meeting was over & Billy had already given him the all clear to go. He folded his arms when he'd found Sam sitting on the edge of the rooftop, looking out over the horizon then back to Sam again. "So, Boss Nova?" He muttered with a slight grin, he liked the sound of that. "You took off in quite a rush."

Sitting down by his side, he took a moment to look at him, he was really, realllly handsome & Tommy should know; He has an eye for the most pleasant things to look at, in particular, his own reflection. Then he finally looked away & back to the horizon as he previous had done so. "Billy told me to make sure you don't go flying off the roof, can't have ourselves attracting unwanted attention. I think he's taking a warming to you, though it's hard to notice seen as he's head over magic wand for Teddy." Tommy sighed with a shake of his head. "Oh & the name for our 'Team' is definitely NOT the abomination of what Billy has come up with but trust me I have a plan for that."

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Where » Roof of the Church

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