The Morning After

The Morning After (#TiD-67) unknown

SCENE SET »  The morning came just like any other but with it came news of a winged man battled a huge green reptile in the streets of Manhattan as reporters risked their lives in airing footage of the confrontation. The heroes of New York attempted to intervene only to find themselves unable to contain the two behemoth combatants. The two seemed to possess a myriad assortment of abilities and both seemed to become even more powerful when local heroes arrived.

Finally, Iron Man and Iron Spider arrived and the two heroes managed to make both Angel and Demon to flee into the city. One seemed to take to the Hudson river while the other appeared to turn into gas and disappear into the clouds.

Teddy notices while eating breakfast that his mother reacted poorly to the news. She had seen the battle of New York on television before but this seemed to hit her hard and she rewound the news over and over again seemingly fixated on the green alien. It looked a great deal like Teddy's alternate form.

Jackson saw the same newscast as his siblings noticed the Angel creature's departure looked very much like Mass' own mass shifting power. It looked just like Calvin's older self from the time nightmare that was proving to be more than a shared nightmare for the Powers children.

Multiple aka Jaime Madrox and his family were worried that Calvin was in trouble as the boy continued to suffer from a nightmare that didn't seem to end. Banshee and Moira had explained that Calvin was a mutant with the ability to copy other mutants powers and that they feared something was wrong with him.

Everyone Is in home room together except Alex.

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