Dinner is Served (Pt. 2)

Dinner is Served (Pt. 2) (#TiD-63) unknown

SCENE SET »  Wiccan, Speed, and Chimaera had found themselves back relatively mere seconds after where they had hijacked; the Kaplan's backyard in Brooklyn New York. The parental, both the Kaplan's and Altman's appeared to be oblivious of anything which had happened. Of course the boys were still in their super hero apparel and that was going to take some explaining.

Wiccan » They, Tommy, Teddy, and Billy, had been returned back to the Kaplan's backyard, and they were still in their formal garb. Billy noticed it immediately as the parents were could be heard making their way to fetch them, likely for dinner. Billy turned to his brother as he stated "Tommy Time." Billy said this as he pulled a little on his uniform, Tommy would surely know what Billy meant, which was that he was asking for a quick change for all of them. Yes, Billy could have done it, but to do so would have had him lightly up like a lighthouse in their backyard and that would have required the same amount if not more explaining then why they were all in uniforms that might look like they were going to do something between running a marathon and going out clubbing.

Billy crossed his fingers, he had complete faith in his twin, still he crossed his fingers for luck.

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Where » Kaplan household

When » 2016-09-03

Phase » Early_Evening

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Chimaera » "We're not done with this," Teddy said. He hadn't been the happiest camper before the entire evening had become a madhouse. Now, with everything that had happened and no real resolution to most of it, he was feeling even less cheery. The only bright spot was that his mom and the Kaplans really did sound as though they really didn't remember any of the insanity that had gone down earlier.

"We. Need. To. Talk." Each word was delivered clearly and on its own as Teddy's clothes quickly reverted back to the exact same outfit he'd been wearing when he and his mom had come over.

"I can get out of the house pretty easily once we get back. We meet...on your roof?" Whatever dislike Billy felt for him, Teddy was pretty sure that Billy was also smart and practical. Tommy...he seemed pretty resourceful, too. Between the three of them they ought to be able to at least come up with a plan.

And they could try to figure out what the hell Nate had been talking about. Teddy had been trying to puzzle all this out, but he was really still just trying to take it all in. He didn't really know if he trusted Nate, but the guy said that Teddy was vitally important to some plan or something...what the hell was that about? And what had he said to Tommy? Granted, Teddy didn't know Tommy that well, but he'd never seen him frozen and speechless.

Of course their parents would be looking for them right now, though. How the hell were they supposed to sit through dinner acting like nothing was going on with all this hanging over their heads

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Where » Kaplan household

When » 2016-09-03

Phase » Early_Evening