A Day In The Life: James Maddox

A Day In The Life: James Maddox (#TiD-61) unknown

SCENE SET »  It was the day that Jamie's life had change. New parents, a new home, and even a brother. The mansion he had been brought to was beautiful and big, much bigger than anything the boy was use to. Moria had already had a chance to talk to Calvin as they arrived back. She informed him of where he and his father had been, and hoped that he would make an effort to get along with his new brother. Now it was time to introduce the two, Moris did Hope the boys could get along as they were both very special.

"He's seemed to lock himself in the downstairs guest bathroom, maybe you can talk to himů " Moria said to Calvin.

Multiple » Jamie was starting to freak out, he was not use to the type of people who had acquired him. His new parents were obviously rich, which crossed out Jamie's idea of them only wanting him for the money that came with Fostering. He was freaked out, surprisingly the three dupes that stood before him seemed more calm then he was. "Am I the only one fucking freaking out here? "

He looked over the Dupes, the clumsier of the three was fishing through a bowl of different colored soaps. With a wave of his hand, that dupe vanished into thin air. If his plan was going to work, he had to get a dupe that was most like him.

"Seriously, this is not normal. Why do these people want us if they are already rich. " Jamie prime crossed his arms over his chest, as he leaned back on the sink to sit there and think. "Just after the incident too. "

Jamie had known he was special since he was a baby, his parents had too. Unfortunately they had passed away when he was young, and Jamie had been in the system ever since. He had had a few incidents when he was young, and was moved around a lot. This one though had been the first in a while.

One of the dupes looked in the mirror at the black eye all three of them had. Running his fingers along it, he grumbled. "You know, the look on Todds face when he saw six of us after he had punched us was priceless." He chuckled, "I think he thought he had been hit and seeing doubles? "

Jamie prime just rolled his eyes, as the other Dupe who was sitting on the toilet shook his head. "That wouldn't of happened if you hadn't been hanging out with his girlfriend. "

The first dupe just chuckled, "Yeah, ok. She was cute though and she liked us? or well me. " and with that said, the dupe vanished and it was only Jamie Prime and the dupe seated on the toilet.

"Wait, what. You're choosing me. Maybe the other Jamie was better. I mean why me, he's not afraid to make a move. Me on their hand I don't know."

Jamie prime pushed up off the sink and cleared the distance between them. "You will do fine. I chose you because I need someone who's going to keep things peaceful and not stir shit up while I'm gone, get me? " he said looking to the Dupe in hopes he was getting the plan.

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» Sean knocked on the door of the room they had given Jaime. He knew the kid was worried and he had every right to be upset. He was brought to the attention of Moira and her husband Sean Sr. attention by Charles and they were the closest people to help. They had taken in Calvin why not another; Banshee said to himself that a brother would be cool. Sean was the III Banshee since the X-Men were formed back in the sixties. Banshee' grandfather was killed in the 70's by a group wanting to kill and study mutants.

Sean Jr. whom everyone called "Junior" knocked on Jaime's door and istened to his newest foster brother with a raised eyebrow. He wasn't surprised at seeing more than one of him. He knew of Jaime who's power of dublication and he had to explain some things to Jaime about his foster brother Calvin.

Calvin was actually older than he looks and that he had regenerated into a teenager. Jaime was being told because Calvin might exhibit powers if he i touched by another mutant. Sean was there to warn Jaime not to touch Calvin at least not till they could get the Professor to come over and adjust the situation.

Sean asked,"Hey, Jaime I need your help with Calvin. He doesn't know he has power and well it might not be safe for people around him if his power ever came back. We think he might be happier being in the dark about them," Sean said to Jaime.

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Multiple » Jamie quickly moved out of view of the bou, as he looked to his Dupe. "Take care if that." He said eyeing his twin.

The Dupe entered his room, shutting the door behind him as he moved out of the bathroom that was connected to it, he looked the guy over. He was more so sizing him up than anything, but he was sure he could take him if he needed to.

"I hardly know you people, at first I was baffled at seeing this house, baffled as to why you would want me. It's obviously not for the money, like most do. So its for my help and what makes you think we would want to help you, or even could. " Jamie didn't mean to sound rude, but he knew he probably sounded so. He had just met these people, and here one of them was asking for help for someone he didn't even know. He had a hard time trusting people, but moving from foster home to foster home did that to people. "I'm sure I want be here long. I mean it usually doesn't take long for people to get bored of me or for me to screw things up, hence this" he said pointing to his black eye. "You want me to help someone I haven't even met, and to not touch him, what kind of fucked up fuckery is that, " what the hell was wrong with the guy if he couldn't touch him.

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Banshee » "No, touching Is ok but we are talking about deep personal contact," Sean was trying to be tactful. Moira had explained that Calvin was a mutant that could duplicate powers.

"Look, you are a mutant just like myself and my dad but Moira she Is not but she has studied mutations and she helps people cope with powers and Calvin had a very powerful power and he couldn't cope wth it and well its difficult to explain. I am just trying to help you adjust to things here," Sean patted the bed next to him. He thought Jamie was nervous about a new place and he knew a little that Jaime was exploited by his last home but not the details of it.

"My dad works for an institute that helps mutants and well that Is why you are here. You and I and Calvin are all mutants in need of training and that school might be the best place for us," Sean said looking for Jamie to help out.

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Multiple » Jamie hardly knew these people and what was all being thrown at him was a lot to process. If they were like him though, maybe they were more trustworthy.

Seeing the redhead sit on Jamie's new bed and pat the spot next to him, the dupe surprisingly took the seat. He gave the other an awkward smile, before he moved to just kind of blankly stare at the floor. "This is a lot to process, sorry. I mean I've never met anyone like me. And as far as me, um, well doing anything like that with whoever this Calvin person is you don't have to worry, cuz I'm not like gay or something."

His light green eyes found the others again, as he gave him an akward chuckle and smile. It was as if something had hit him though, well at least this Dupe. Looking Bsnshee over, he couldn't help but stare. The way his big body looked in the tight clothes, or the way his red locks fell into his face, his full lips, it all had Jamie pondering something he couldn't quiet put his finger on. Even the smell of the boys cologne had him feeling things he didn't know the meaning of. "I mean, well, " his voice cracked a lil with a new found nervousness, "I, I don't think I am. Plus I'm a virgin, it's not like I just go around boning people I mean not that anyone would want to bone me away, I mean I'm me, just look at me, errr, am I rambling?" Jamie knew the answer to that, he did shit like this when he was nervous. His heart started to race as he turned a slight red and quickly looked back to try and stare at the floor again blankly. "I probably should just shut up now. "

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StoryTeller » Calvin found himself back in his room. He could remember the events but could they have been a dream? He bolted out of his room and saw Moira and Sean in the kitchen. He heard them before he saw them and then he went to his brother's room. Sean jr. wasn't really his brother as he was his foster brother and they were suppose to be back from the institute with another boy, Jaime.

"Hey, Sean can I come in??" Calvin asked as he heard the voices of his foster brother and another kid presumedly this Jaime. He had been told his foster parents would be bringing another kid back but now he knew that the school was for kids with powers or was that part of the dream too. He was so confused about it because it had this Jaime kid but he had never met him before this moment.

Sean J opened the door and there he was the kid from his dream but it wasn't a dream. He had powers and that meant he had powers and so did Sean and his foster father.

Sean and Moira heard Calvin and thought it was time to have a family meeting and the older Sean had convinced his wife to fully explain things to the boys.

"Hey, you three come into the dining room. we have to talk to you all," Sean had a stern look on his face. it was more like a big brother as he was only a decade older than the boys. Sean J had commented on the age difference and Moira said that Sean just looked younger but Sean J had his doubts.

"Calvin this I Jaime and we can talk more in the dining room. We have a lot to discus" Moira said with a different sounding voice like she was being pressured into the talk.

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