The Chimaera and the Mimic

The Chimaera and the Mimic (#TiD-57) unknown

SCENE SET »  The estate of Sean Cassidy. A huge home with grey stone and masonry, Sean worked for a crisis intervention team that flew around the world to solve problems. He mostly dealt with disasters at factories and other such Curt.

Teddy would see a huge black gate and a large home where Calvin had indicated. The building was still only a few blocks from the neighborhood but the houses gradually got bigger and more espensive at he got through the street. He saw a few of his mothers real estate signs on the way up

Mimic » The Cassidy House was one of the largest homes in the area. Mrs. Cassidy was actually Dr. Moira Mctaggart-Cassidy and she was a biochemist and professor of genetics studies at Princeton University. She frequently spent time in New Jersey where she had an apartment on the Raratin River near New Brunswick. She had began to lecture more and left Calvin now that he was older alone in the house.

Mr. Cassidy was home more often but was always busy. He did exercise with Calvin in their private gym and Calvin thought of him more like an older brother than a dad. He insisted that he be called Sean and Calvin by the time he was 12 had called him Sean.

He was a read headed adventurous guy. He rock climbed, sailed and parachuted for a living. He wrote travel books and was always doing things and he sometimes took on some of his adventures. He wouldi disappear each trip to do business but he always came back eager to spent time with Calvin but usually he would get cut or bruised on some of his outings.

Calvin just thought he was an extreme thrill junkee based on all his bruises and injuries. He ;had football practice and he had a few bruises himself. He looked at himself in the mirror and combed his hair and splashed on some cologne and looked for zits and smiled when he didn't find any. He was good looking by most standards and girls at the school wanted to date him but he had avoided all that because he never felt an attraction to them.

zSean had gone on about how Calvin's time was for studying and chasing girls. He would smile and make up stories about girls he was dating except he be at the gym or at the library hiding that he wasn't very socialable. He just feel comfortable around people like there was something wrong with him. The upper ridge of his quadriceps made grooves that flowed into his groin. He ws told they were called cum gutters by another kid in school and he laughed. He had jacked off enough to know they were aptly named.

He made sure the ice machine had plenty of ice and the video games were out and the hottub was warming up. The pool man had come yesterday to clean up the pool. Calvin put on a sleeveless shirt that showed off his arms and he took a few breathes to calm down.

He was going to come out to the new student, his fellow football player and potential friend and he just hoped this went well. He nervously went downstairs to pace a little before Teddy arrived. He had food in the fridge cold cuts and come deli slices of cheese and lettuce, tomatoe and anything you could want on a sandwich. He went nuts at the grocery store filling up the fridge. Moira will be surprised when she gets home. Calvin normally never shopped but he wasn't shopping for himself this time.

He glanced into another mirror and fixed his hair again. He had originally liked it but today it looked horrible. He looked at everything and thought he could have done better.

The door rang' it was like a doomsday device had exploded in the back of Calvin's head. He got startled and then he took a deep breathe calmed down and walked to the by the time the second ring of the bell was pressed the door opened.

"Hey, man glad you could make it," Calvin said and inside his head there were explosions.

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Where » Calvin\'s Home

Weather » GOOD - Clear

When » 2016-09-03

Phase » Early_Evening

Chimaera » Teddy wasn't exactly nervous going to hang out with Calvin, but he was a little anxious. He hadn't gotten a clear 'gay' sign from Calvin, hadn't gotten the secret handshake or anything, but he'd gotten some pretty mixed signals. Teddy had been sneaking out to clubs for a little while in the last few months to dance and enjoy himself, so he wasn't exactly inexperienced, but it wasn't like he was some professional dater, either. He sighed as he approached the house.

Deciding that he'd just go with the flow, teddy turned the corner by Calvin's house. He couldn't help but be impressed. It was no Central Park West penthouse, but it was damned impressive. He shook his hair back into place after the walk over. It was pretty hard to have a bad hair day when you could control your hair the way Teddy did. He also had taken the time to 'change' his clothes after he'd gotten out of sight of his house. Now he was glad he had. He was 'wearing' a trendy outfit he'd seen in a window display on Fifth Avenue last week with a shirt in a blue that matched his eyes and tight enough to show off his physique.

He rang the bell and waited. He didn't hear any movement inside, so he rang again. He hoped he hadn't gotten the date or the time wrong. That would suck. Just as he was about to ring a final time, the door opened. Calvin stood there looking adorably flustered again. Teddy really hoped he was doing that to the guy. He liked the idea of being the cause of that much cuteness.

"Hey yourself," he smiled and offered the bag he'd been carrying. "I brought soda. You can't blow stuff up without lots of caffeine and sugar, right?"

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Where » Calvin's Home

When » 2016-09-03

Phase » Early_Evening

Mimic » Calvin was in the kitchen when the door bell rang and he dashed for the front door but the house was big so the 2nd door bell rang before he got to the door. He straightened out his shirt and brushed back his hair before opening the door.

Teddy thrust a bag of stuff at him and he fumbled for it and then held on to it to not drop it. He smiled and backed up and told Teddy to come follow him. The place had a Scottish motif as a long of the statues and art on the walls depicted things esoterically Scottish.

"My fosters love Scottish culturel they are so old school patriots; I think Sean...thats what my foster dad likes to be called is some Scottish Noble or something. We are suppose to go this coming Christamas," Calvin said as he lead Teddy to the kitchen.

The place was big but the decor fit the space and the kitchen looked like someone was a gourmet cook. Teddy could see pictures of Calvin, a beautiful woman with brown hair and a love of the color yellow in a yellow sun dress and a good looking man with red hair and a goatee on the table. It looked like they had taken the picture when Calvin was just 11 or 12 years old.

There were other pictures of various members of Calvin's family. He could see Moira as he called his mother. A woman of fierce determination and from the various diplomas on the walls; she was some biologist or doctor of some kind while other pictures Sean or Calvin doing outdoors stuff or pictures of them sailing.

"The game room is this way," Calvin was wearing pool shorts and his tank top was black with white ribbing. He had strong arms not as big as Teddy but he definitely worked out and Calvin had a tray with ice, glasses and chips.

The game room was next to a huge wall of glass that looked out towards an in ground pool. It had a water fountain effect on one side and the game room had a television that was 107 inches wide on the whole side of the wall.

"Mom has has tech that blows anything in the stores. I overheard her talk about this "Shiar Company" they must be very exclusive never seen them in the stores but she gets stuff from upstate that is where she and Sean work.

Calvin put the tray down and pointed to the leather sofa. He turned on the game console and a series of options displayed on screen.

"Piizza arrives in 45 minute so we can play and then swim and maybe watch a movie," Calvin said as it was friday and they didn't have school tomorrow or practice.

Calvin was just excited to be playing his game with someone else. The fosters had not had a lot of time to have friends Cavlin;s age. Mostly some brainy people called Xavier and McCoy so Calvin was mostly bored at the dinner table. He finally got permission to make friends once he hit high school.

"Thanks for coming over man...I rarely get the chance to use this stuff and its more fun with someone else in the room," Teddy could see the flexing of Calvin's arms and the occasional tensing of his leg muscles.

The time passed as the two boys played the game but as the minutes waned Calvin reclined and eventually Teddy found that the space between them had shrunk.

Calvin poured himself a drink and drank the color and offered Teddy a glass. He readjusted his seat and now the distance was barely two feet.

"Hey, after this game want to go to the pool?" Calvin turned to face Teddy. He had been trying to avoid it but he wanted to get close. He had denied himself even the thought of this for so long but when he saw Teddy his heart raced and his palms got sweaty. He had thought of Teddy ever day since meeting him. He liked how his blue eyes sparkled and he had felt something in him change.

He needed to say something to someone and he just said it,"I um...I'm thinkinng maybe I am ...into ...I mean guys ...I never said that to anyone ....sorry," Calvin said thinking he was stupid for ruining the evening this early by confessing he was gay.

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Where » Calvin\'s Home

When » 2016-09-03

Phase » Early_Evening

Chimaera » Teddy paused the action on the screen and set down his controller. It really was a sweet set up they had going on in this game room. That wasn't what he was thinking about, though. Teddy had been volunteering for several months now at a shelter that served mostly LGBTQ teens who'd ended up on the streets. He knew that most of that was from trauma and drama when they'd come out. He'd heard stories of everything from physical abuse to kids being thrown out of the house with just the clothes on their backs. He knew that coming out to someone, anyone, could be a terrifying proposition. He really didn't want to screw this up.

"Hey," he shrugged and looked over at Calvin, who really was closer than Teddy remembered him being. He didn't want to assume that what Calvin had said about him was really what it sounded like, though. The guy was clearly nervous. "It's cool. I'm...into guys, too. Always have been. Haven't told my mom yet exactly, but I've dated a couple guys. The last one was...kind of a mess," he decided that horror stories probably weren't what Calvin needed to hear right now.

"But it's no big deal...I mean, it IS a big deal, but it doesn't, like, change the things that matter. Being a good person or being an asshole doesn't have anything to do with who you like, right?'s all cool with me. Better than cool. I mean, we've got each other to, like, talk to about stuff now, right? It's always better not feeling all alone. And you're not alone, Cal."

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Where » Calvin's Home

When » 2016-09-03

Phase » Early_Evening

Mimic » Calvin was nervous but not about his foster parents who were very modern in disposition even If they did have a love of antiques. He was more nervous about how he felt about Teddy not about coming out. He seemed ok with his decision to be out to certain people but not ready for the school to know.

He relaxed a little when Teddy said he liked guys and that who a person was wasn't contingent on who they were attracted to so that made things a bit better.

"I just wanted you to know ...because well...I sort of like you more than anyone I've met before...I trust you ...I hope that makes sense..." Calvin drew closer and his voice was a bit trembling as if every movement had a calculated risk associated with it. He wanted to touch Teddy to feel his skin to just be held by him but he was so scared of being rejected at the moment.

On the football field during try-outs Teddy had seen Calvin tackle guys his weight and bigger. He seemed fearless on the field and seemed to know everyone's moves like he was a copycat player. You swerved to the left he would swerve to the right and hit you like you were fighting a mirror. It was damn impossible to fake him out but here on this couch he seemed unable to move like he was paralyzed.

"I just think you are cool..." Calvin said finally not exactly the declaration of attraction he had wanted to do but it was the best thing to come out of his mouth besides vomiting. He was noxious at himself for being such a coward and his inner voice was screaming "You are a pussy...tell him you think he is hot...tell him you want to kiss him....tell him something!" an exasperated inner voice said but nothing.

"hey, I am done with video games. How about we get into the pool. The sun has been out all day and I can turn on the heater of the Jacuzzi that normally warms up the pool even more," Calvin needed to get up but he had a slight boner in his shorts. He tried to adjust himself discreetly but as all boys do they only half succeed in looking even more awkward when they try to hide they have a boner in the first place.

Calvin's short came to just above the knees and Teddy could see the slight curve of his abs as they disappeared into the waistbands of the shorts. He had no tan line that Teddy could see and his shorts dipped slight lower as he moved revealing a slight part of his ass crack above the waist line. The shorts must have slipped slightly when he had sat down to play. The pool was rather large nothing Olympic but it had a shallow, middle area with two stone pillars were people could rest drinks and then a little cove where water fell from a rock formation and created a water fall. There were real plants on the rocks and the water felt fresh not chlorinated. Calvin removed his shirt revealed a toned and tanned upper chest. He had dark small circles on his bare chest. He didn't seem to have hair but on close inspection he had a fine dark blond hair on his arms and legs.

The heat of the day made the marble and stone floor warm to the touch of bare feet and he threw the shirt behind as it landed on a chair. He doved into the deep end and Teddy could see he was well suited for the water. He cut through it like a swimmer that he had mentioned he was last season. He rose out of the water with is medium length hair normally pointing straight up with gel now matted down with the weight of the water.

"Wooooah," Calvin said expressing his joy in both coming out to Teddy and the feel of the water on his skin. He had wanted to hide his erection from Teddy not wanting to ruin a good friendship and trust. He had just come out to Teddy and telling him under the same breathe seemed wrong to him.

Calvin didn't even know if Teddy was into him yet. He had no clue to how gay guys communicated their feelings. All he had were movie references which at best made caricatures of gay men or novels which made them too perfect.

Calvin brushed back the hair and looked at Teddy for some handbook to fall into his lap and figure out how to read him better. He felt a little flush and splash some water on his face.

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Where » Calvin's Home

Weather » GOOD - Clear

When » 2016-09-03

Phase » Early_Evening

Chimaera » Teddy just watched as Calvin stripped down to his shorts and jumped in the pool. He wouldn't lie and say he didn't enjoy the show. He hadn't messed around with anyone in quite a while. But as Calvin was not exactly super experienced or anything, that wasn't so much an option anyway. He wasn't about to casually hook up with, he was kind of assuming, a virgin. Calvin deserved something real and special for a first time.

Hell, Calvin could have just wanted to have a friend he could talk to about all of this and not even be considering anything more. And Teddy wasn't even sure he was ready to date Calvin after the debacle of the last guy he was interested in, but he wasn't NOT interested in it, either. Why did things have to be so complicated?

He stood by the pool and held up his backpack. "Is there...somewhere I can change?"

He stepped into the small changing room Calvin pointed out. He didn't really need to change, per se, but he couldn't exactly just shift into a swimsuit in front of Calvin. That would bring up a whole lot of questions he wasn't really jazzed about having to answer. So he stood in the little room for a couple of moments before stepping back out. He'd decided on vintage '60s. He had a snug, blue, square-cut suit on with a white belt. It drew attention to his narrow waist, was nicely filled front and back, and hinted that he had no tan line, either. He was mostly hairless with only a thin trail of hair slightly darker than the hair on his head leading down from his navel. He dropped his now closed backpack, took a couple of steps for momentum, and dived into the pool. He shot through the water, then came up right in front of Calvin, grinning.

"Nice, man," Teddy shook his head to clear away the water. "I'm gonna miss the pool in my old building."

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Where » Calvin\'s Home

When » 2016-09-03

Phase » Early_Evening

Mimic » Calvin watched as Teddy move to the changing area. He wished he could see through the wooden partition and he splashed water while waiting. He noticed him exit and dive into the pool. Swimming was one of those sports that turned your body into a work of art if you did it correctly. The muscles all working together to cover a difficult medium and Teddy seemed to glide through it majestically. Calvin was getting hard just looking at Teddy and when he emerged from the water so close to him; Calvin was blushing as Teddy had brushed against his boner coming up.

Um, oh sorry, Calvin said as he reflexively went to cover himself. He was mesmerized by Teddys blue eyes and they were so close and Calvin didnt even realize he had leaned into Teddy direction and their faces awkwardly touched each other. Calvin wrapped his arms around Teddy and abandoned all reason and restraint. He had repressed his desires for so long that he couldnt hold back any longer or he would die of some horrible fevered brain disease.
He knew the moment he kissed Teddy; their friendship most likely would die and he would be alone again. Calvin had no one he could trust with his thoughts and here was this beautiful stranger who seemed to open up everything that Calvin had bottled up in his young life. He didnt care as his lips pressed against Teddys lips and tasted the water, salt and moisture of his mouth. He pulled Teddy closer to him and felt his cock press into Teddys groin. They were close to each others height that their bodies were still proportionally the same.

Calvin pulled away with a terrible fear on his face that his first kiss would be rejected and that he lost a chance to be Teddys friend but he had to kiss him. He needed it like another person needs to breathe; he had a rush of crazed youthful fearlessness that will have a consequence.

I am not sorry I kissed you but umI am so attracted to you that doesnt excuse it but I think if I didntI would never get the nerve again, Calvin looked down at the water with shame and fear in his eyes.

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Where » Calvin's Home

When » 2016-09-03

Phase » Early_Evening

Chimaera » Teddy was surprised by the kiss, but pleasantly surprised. He'd been being led around like a puppy by Greg for so long, then so down on himself after that whole debacle, that he hadn't kissed anyone in months. And what Calvin might lack in experience, he was more than making up for in enthusiasm. Teddy let himself just relax into the kiss and enjoy it. He'd always been a tactile person, so these last few months had been eating away at him.

Some rational part of Teddy's mind reminded him of his own first kiss. He knew not to attach too much meaning to it. Sure, he'd liked the guy, but he'd been way more worked up about the idea of the kiss than he had been about Alan...Adam? He liked Cal, a lot, and he believed Cal liked him, but the one thing Cal didn't need right now was pressure. In fact, now that Teddy was tuning back in after the rather passionate kiss, he thought it looked like Cal was heaping plenty of pressure on himself without Teddy adding any of his baggage to the mix. He remembered how...Aaron, that was it...had helped him feel secure and comfortable in his own skin. He wanted to be there for Calvin for the same reason...if nothing else. And he couldn't help a tiny part of himself wondering/hoping there was something else.

He reached out to put a finger under Calvin's chin and raise it until their eyes met. "Hey there," he grinned. "I'm not sorry you did it, either. It was...pretty damned good, actually. And I never mind hearing a hot guy tell me I'm attractive, so...we're good." He reached his free arm around Calvin's waist and pulled him back closer, "maybe better than good?" He smiled as he leaned in kiss Cal again. He sucked Cal's lower lip, which had been taunting him ever since he got there, between his own teeth in order to chew gently on it. It was just as plush and delicious as it had looked.

"Yep," he grinned as he came up for breath. "I'm totally not sorry I did that."

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Where » Calvin's Home

When » 2016-09-03

Phase » Early_Evening

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