A Day In The Life: Jackson Powers

A Day In The Life: Jackson Powers (#TiD-45) unknown

SCENE SET »  The City of New York, often called New York City or simply New York, is the most populous city in the United States, with close to 9m people pounding her streets on a daily basis. The most densely populated city in America, New York City, the people who live and work there are often packed in like sardines in a can that is two sizes too small.

The center of the New York is one of the great metropolitan areas of the world, a true urban agglomerations of the world. A global power, New York City exerts a significant impact upon commerce, finance, media, art, fashion, research, technology, education, and entertainment, its the definition of fast pace has come to be defined by the term 'A New York minute'.

Her concrete jungle is the home to the headquarters of the United Nations, and has been described as the cultural, financial, and media capital of the world. People often are born, live, and die here without ever stepping off her.

This was the Manhattan Jack Powers had come to call home.

Mass » Jackson bit his bottom lip, his light brown hues still focused on the guy he had been following from school. The phone in his hand dinged again, as he looked down to read the message from his older sister Julie.

::Well maybe you should of been a little faster, he ditched class and left school. I can do this on my own, i got this. Calm your tits::

"I don't know why you're always so bossy" he mumbled under his breath before he hit send and slipped the phone back into his pocket. Throwing down his skateboard, he jumped on. Darting across the street on it, he didn't even bother to look both ways. Even with the on coming traffic and flurry of taxis coming his way, he managed to make it across safely. A few times it even looked like he was going to get hit, or even was, yet he had some how manged to still be walking on the other end.

Looking over his shoulder, he just chuckled at the taxi driver that had slammed on his breaks and was now giving him the finger. "My bad!" He said through a rather cheesy grin as he straightened the little white beannie on his head. Making his way into the Starbucks, he saw the big dumb jock he had been after sitting at a table all alone. Jackson made his way over, as he hopped into a chair across from the dude.

"Sup dude, shouldn't you be in class or is even home-ec getting to hard for you these days...?" He said with a rather cocky smirk, as he looked up at Luke; that was the jocks name.

A rather dumbfounded look crossed the bigger dudes face, as he looked around then down at his phone before looking back up to Jack "Wait, don't you go to my school...Are you LittleBoyBlue2020?"

Now as if one of them looking dumb wasn't bad enough, Jack had the same expression the Jock had just moments before. Shaking his thoughts, he needed to focus. "Sure dude, you can call me whatever you want." He said with another grin. Just as he was about to reach across the table and pat the top of the guys hand, he watched as the dude quickly stood up and told him to meet him in the bathroom before he walked off.

"Huh?" Jack just blinked, a little confused. "Uh, yeah okay " he said not really thinking twice. He needed to get what he came here for or his siblings would never trust him to go it on his on again.

Standing up, he quickly followed the dude into the bathroom. Seeing Luke, standing at the other end near the farthest stall with his back to him, Jack just tilted his head as he looked him over from behind. "You okay dude, why are we meeting in here again "

Quickly cut off by Luke, the boy turned as he now heled up a little bag of blue pills. "I swear if you narc on me I will beat your ass into eternity" the
bigger boy grumbled as he started to clear the distance between him and Jack.

'Ahh, now it made sense' Jack thought to himself. The guy was a drug dealer. That put a wrench in some things, yet he still needed to do his job. "Nah dude, I got you...and getting my ass beat by you might not be so bad." Jack once again unleashed his signature smirk as he just gazed up at the guy.

"So what you go " cut off yet again, the jock reached up to slip his finger along with a pill into Jacks mouth. Crap He groaned, forced to swallow it before he was shoved into the empty stall at the end with not only the jocks finger in his throat but his tongue.

Wait so this wasn't a drug deal but a booty call? oddehh at least the guy was cute Jack kissed the guy back. Both hands moved up to stroke the boys chiseled cheeks, as he deepened the kiss. Things were bound to get a little rough...

A few moments later

Jack now leaned up on the wall outside the Starbucks with a rather huge smirk on his face. His eyes a glow, as he left out a sigh of pure relife. His phone buzzed in his pocket, as he pulled it out and looked down to see his sister had text once again. Not just once, but fifty some times.

::Dude, I got the evidence we needed. So shut up, cuz I don't think your flirting plan would of worked anyway, we can just say your not really his type. Lol. I got it though, so like I said, CYT. I may need a pick up though, feel a little funny. Wasn't expecting to have to take birth control first, lol dumb Jock. Doesn't he know boys can't get other boys pregnant:: hitting send, he sent his coordinates along with his text.

Of course Jack was just being sarcastic, that hadn't been birth control but ecstasy, which had him feeling really really good at the moment. Little did he know it was that though, he had never done anything of the sorts, but he had to play the part rightand if you asked him he did quiet well. Leaning back on the wall still, he just let his head fall back as he let out another light sigh. Closing his eyes, he just smirked. He really got a lot more out of the mission than he had anticipated. "I feel fucking AMAZEBALLS!" he groaned out rather loudly.

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Where » New York

Weather » FAIR - Partly Overcast/Cloudy

When » 2016-09-03

Phase » Midday

Ben Mallozi » Ben had lost his brother last week to an overdose and he was being stalled by the police. They had not had any luck in finding out who was dealing at school so Ben had decided to look into the situation himself. He had his suspicions that it was someone on the football team; he was certain the coach was in on it because no one seemed to be able to get too close to the athletes to ask any questions.

He had been following Luke as he ditched class and found of all people Jackson of the Powers kids meeting up with him. He had gone into the Starbucks and noticed them going into the bathroom and then he was surprised to hear them go at it in the stalls. He was expecting drug bust but he would have never imagined Luke blowing Jack in the stall.

Ben had thought about how that might feel but had never risked doing it with anyone and he was all focused on finding his brother's killer so why was he being so quiet in another stall; listening to Jack getting blow by Luke.

Luke must have being going to town on Jack because the younger boy was making noise like he was running a marathon. The slurping noises were making Ben hard and then he peaked under the stall to find Luke's beefy legs on his knees in front of Jack in the stall.

He had slid his pants down and was jacking off as he was sucking on Jack's cock. Ben found himself touching himself as he listened to Luke do his work.

He tried to be quiet luckily the two boys were making it easy to not be heard as they were making enough noise. He overheard Luke offer Jack a pill before the slurping started so he was on the right track. He waited for them to finish. He had pulled up his legs to avoid anyone from seeing his high tops in the stall. Jack lasted longer than he anticipated and his legs grew tired being tucked up over the toilet. They finally left and Ben got out and saw Jack still in the shop while Luke was not to be seen.

Ben slid into the seat next to Jack who was talking to his sister,"Your fly is still open..." Ben said with a smirk.

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Where » New York

When » 2016-09-03

Phase » Midday

Mass » Jack just sat there, a bit out of it as he stared in to space blankly. He hadn't noticed Ben had sat down next to him. It wasn't tell the boy spoke that he was aware of the others presence.

Looking over at Ben, his pupils were now huge. You could hardly see the blues of his eyes any more. At first Jack had thought this mission had been pretty cool, with all the unexpected crap that had happened it was crazy, but maybe he was wrong cuz he wasn't in his right mind. All he really knew was that he was fucking high and it felt good.

"Are you staring at my crotch Mallozi?" Jack chuckled as he took in a deep breath, Jack was trying to keep his cool but the sigh he soon let out was rather shaky.

Even with all the talk, the rumors, everything, Jack had his boundaries and maybe they had been pushed a little. At least the big Jock he had sort of fooled around with had been cute. He still had no clue where this had all come from though, and how it had turned in to this. Luckily someone else had come into the bathroom and spooked Luke before things had gone any further.

Is it possible to be worried but feel fucking amazing at the same time." Jack said, not realizing he was grinding his teeth, it was a side effect of the drug.

Blue hues just gazed at Ben, looking the boy over his mind was so drawn to the boy at the moment, so much so he couldn't stop thinking about him in every way possible. Intense focus, another side effect. He didn't know why, but he had never really paid him this much attention. With how much he was at their house and hanging out with Alex you would think he would have. He was one of the few friends of Alex that actually paid him attention. He was cute too, really cute.

Jack moved his hand up to caress at Ben's cheek. Lingering a little to long probably, he just continued to stare at the boy. "Your skin feels fucking amazing," he said as he ran his fingers across the boys full lips as he lightly licked his own. "I bet you taste fucking amazing
too " he smirked slightly. He felt like his eyes were trying to close on their own, yet they were wide.

The drug was making him do funny things, feel odd things and focus so hard and intently that his brain was trying to compute with it all. So much so that he hadn't even noticed that his bonner had popped through the zipper he hadn't bothered to close. It was just there, for anyone to see. Damn drugs

Drugs are bad, mmmkay

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Where » New York

When » 2016-09-03

Phase » Midday

Ben Mallozi » Ben couldn't believe he was being hit on by a guy who had just been blown in the bathroom. He was a little mad but then he noticed Jack's eyes were completely dilated just like his brothers were when he found him dead at their home.

"Jack did you take something? Oh gawd, did you do Blue Genie?" Ben took Jack's hand and he noticed how cold it was just like his brother's body was cold as ice when he found him on the floor.

"Hey, can we get some pickle juice over here?" Ben said to the waitress and she grinned and said,"Wow, only served one person pickle juice..." She said going behind the counter and pouring the green, seeded and salted brine.

Ben had been researching about drugs and one way to lessen a drugs potency was to empty the stomach.

"Jack come with me," Ben had Jack's hands on his face and he seemed to be coming on to him. He hoped jack would follow him to the bathroom. Ben held the glass of pickle juice and they finally rounded into the bathroom.

"Drink juice and you will feel better," Ben said and told Jack,"It's Mountain Dew!"

Ben lied thinking he would never drink it if he thought it was pickle juice to induce vomiting.

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Where » New York

When » 2016-09-03

Phase » Midday

Mass » Taken into the bathroom, Jack could hardly keep his eyes open he was so high. "Seriously Ben, you know we could just go home and do it in my bed " he chuckled, how many guys were going to get him in a stall today. Leaning over, he kissed the boy on the lips. "Thanks," he said taking a big swing of the pickle juice. "Mmm, pickles, not Mountain Dew " He off all people liked pickles, but the rush of it to his empty stomach made him sick. Breaking at the knees, he fell to the ground and start: d to commit. "It's not you, it's the pickle juice " Jack mumbled in between the vomiting. Leave it to Jack to still hsve a sense of humor at a time like this.

Why in the hell had the guy done that? Of course to flush the pill, though it was maybe half gone part if it had already hit his blood stream and he was starting to crash, he felt weak and so cold. Shivering, his lips were now a slight blue.

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Where » New York

When » 2016-09-03

Phase » Midday

Ben Mallozi » Ben had learned a lot about drug safety and how to induce vomiting to lessen the effects of an ingested drug. He knew to carry an adrenaline kit if you were dealing with heroin. He had a slew of medical supplies in his bag for emergency supplies for a lot of different types of overdoses. He wasnt paramedic but he was self taught watching countless videos on the subject.

He helped Jack as best he could and was pretty surprised when Jack puked up the remains of the pill. It was a fraction of its original size but it looked like a bluish-white tic tac now. Ben went to the faucet to wet a towel so Jack could clean up. Ben had never really noticed Jack before in spite of his attention grabbing antics. He had been pretty wrapped up in his brothers drug problem but in this vulnerable state; he looked at Jack differently.

Look man Blue Genie is dangeroushow many hit of that have you hadits super addicting Ben warned as he held Jack up. He wsa a thinner kid but Ben felt how tightly muscled the shorter kid was and imagined he was pretty ripped for a kid that just does skateboarding. Ben tried to focus and put Jack on the toilet while he went for some more water.

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Where » New York

When » 2016-09-03

Phase » Midday

Mass » Jack was sat on the toilet and he just sort of stared blankly out into space. His body was cold to the touch, as he shivered slightly. Cleaning up, he cleaned up and took a sip of the water and swooshed it around in his mouth before he spit it out and sat back down.

"Why are you helping me " Jack mumbled, it was only a matter of seconds that the pill was out of his system but he was coming down. The pill had made him feel amazing and now he just sort of felt like crap. He honestly didn't know why he was helping him, was it because he was friends with his brother or that he wanted something. Usually guys only helped him when they wanted something.

Jack's eyes were still wide, his pupils huge, as he stated at Ben. "I'm sorry about your brother by the way " he just sort of gazed at Ben. He had been at the funeral, all of the Powers siblings and even their parents had, being that Ben was a good friend to Alex. "Please don't tell Alex about this, I was just sort of in the wrong place at the wrong time. I think Luke thought i wss someone else, I just sort of went with it "

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Where » New York

When » 2016-09-03

Phase » Midday

Ben Mallozi » Ben just rolled his eyes at the feeble excuse that Jack gave. He had been given a righteous blowjob and you don't do that to the wrong person.

"Jack, I am trying to find out who deals Blue Genie and it's obviously Luke. I don't need any feeble excuses. You can't do it again man. It will eat you up and kill you," Ben implored but he had said the same words to his brother. He had begged and pleaded but he took it and died right in front of him.

Ben straightened up and got a little mad and said,"Look drugs are stupid and it will destroy you. You are Jackson Powers and you have family that loves your and you are popular, smart and damn cute!" Ben yelled and then left the restroom as another person walked into see Jack all wet and disheveled.

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Where » New York

When » 2016-09-03

Phase » Midday

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