A Day In The Life: Nick Blackwell

A Day In The Life: Nick Blackwell (#TiD-39) unknown

SCENE SET »  The City of New York, often called New York City or simply New York, is the most populous city in the United States, with close to 9m people pounding her streets on a daily basis. The most densely populated city in America, New York City, the people who live and work there are often packed in like sardines in a can that is two sizes too small.

The center of the New York is one of the great metropolitan areas of the world, a true urban agglomerations of the world. A global power, New York City exerts a significant impact upon commerce, finance, media, art, fashion, research, technology, education, and entertainment, its the definition of fast pace has come to be defined by the term 'A New York minute'.

Her concrete jungle is the home to the headquarters of the United Nations, and has been described as the cultural, financial, and media capital of the world. People often are born, live, and die here without ever stepping off her.

This was the Brooklyn Which Nick Blackwell was to now call home.

Blackstar » It was in the morning and Nick had only a day or two for himself. Away from the crowd and the busy life. He had been wandering through the cold roads that were leading to a start of his new life. Even though it gave him some time to think about everything that had happened. It was not enough to get actual answers on any of his questions. He was atleast not hysterical in his mind. He didn't drive himself insane, which was a good thing. He knew one thing for sure. The explosion that had killed those people. He was the cause of it. The rock did something to him, something to his body. The symbols of one of the groups was known to him. First of the two was S.H.I.E.L.D. The other one had seemed like a dragon with many heads, a Hydra! He wasn't exactly an expert on leaving the grid and thought that as long as he would not use anything with communication, he would be alright. Yea, not! The moment he took a step within New York, he would've been seen by camera's, words would be heard on phones as a background noise and finally people would actually see him.

He just hoped that the people, he killed wouldn't come after him and if he could instantly forget it as quick as possible. They would not have that many resources to go after him right?

Nick Blackwell didn't have any know how of the current time nor the date of the day. He felt different than before. After having caused a massive explosion at that house. He felt that this strange power would stay and he did feel it, residing deep within him. It was now heavily at bay. It was as an old fashion maybe recovering itself within Nick's body.

He took a seat at a breakfast restaurant and sat down near the windows. He wore like usually sunglasses even though his eyes weren't as bright orange as usual. He did wear them just to be sure nobody would look and stare at him. He ordered his breakfast, "One bacon and egg sandwich, I don't want the salad. Also a bottle of cola...Make that two." He spoke with a soft accent, but it made it pretty easy to hear he was not an American. He waited after that as he placed his head against the wall. He was not napping, but it was just a moment for him to relax.

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Where » New York

Weather » GOOD - Clear

When » 2016-09-03

Phase » Afternoon

Notes » He is wearing:

Quantum » Derek was still new to SHIELD but when Coulson told him he had a mission that only he could perform he was sort of eager beaver about the whole thing. He put on his SHIELD Uniform and got instructions from their resident fortune teller; Ulysses told him exactly where his target would be based on a list of variables that only the Inhuman predictor could discern. He had the ability to make unusually high guesses based on facts.

Derek took a Quin-Jet and headed to NYC and landed on a landing pad offered by a rich industrialist, Vijay Nadeer , who was an Inhuman also. He was joining Derek in the search. He had a code name Shiva and would be making sure civilians were not harmed.

Quantum met up with Shiva on the landing pad. He was a skinny man with short brown hair and dark skin; he was Indian and spoke with an English accent. He did have blue eyes which were very bright almost showing his Inhuman power of change.

They traveled to Grand Central station and decided to take different entrances to improve their chances of finding their target. Ulysses had given them a lot of information but they only had a poor transit photo so they had to again work on a clue Ulysses had given them.

Derek could control energy but he could also summon it; there target could affect energy too and that is how they were going to find him. Derek summoned a ball of solid light and watched as the sphere began to warp in a certain direction like a compass. The target was able to absorb energy so any strong sources of energy would warp towards him.

Derek followed the sphere of energies pulling in one direction.

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Where » New York

When » 2016-09-03

Phase » Afternoon

Notes » and agent Shiva: .

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Blackstar » It was quiet within the restaurant. The people who were inside were just having some time for themselves and nobody was seeming to make a conversation. The silence was soothing, but also disturbing to Nick at the very same time. It was early and people were mostly calm, but damn. He did not presume it being this quiet. It seemed more like a graveyard. He didn't yet know about anyone actually being near him that wanted to find him and use his actual negative energy in order to track him down by using a positive energy.

In the meantime within the restaurant. The waitress came back to him within two minutes with two bottles of Coca cola as ordered for Nick, but the food needed some more time to be prepared. He grabbed the bottle and placed the straw near his life as he was drinking from it as he didn't give anyone else within the restaurant any attention.

He remained absolutely quiet while his sunglasses kept on his eyes. He sat near the door for an easy exit and he kept on making sure that it was an easy exit. He used the reflection of the mirror in order to see behind him, while the negative energy from him was a starting to show a tiny bit. His negative energy was making none of the channels be shown in a good quality. The elder people couldn't see their favorite channel within a normal quality just because of the distortion. Nick did not know he was the cause of this.

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Where » New York

When » 2016-09-03

Phase » Afternoon

Quantum » The tiny energy sphere caused a few people to look at him while he walked. Some thought he was a street performer others whispered about Inhumans and seemed to shy away from him. He didn't care as he was more concerned about this other Inhuman. They had gotten information that a class Omega Inhuman was in New York City and that he had to be apprehended but it had to be done quietly and without bloodshed.

Quantum saw the target he was sipping a cola and looked like a normal guy except for the sunglasses that looked odd in the restaurant. He was working too hard on being not seen that he stuck out. He turned off the sphere and walked towards the man and slid right into the booth in front of him.

"Don't get nervous. I am not here to fight or hurt you...just to talk," Derek said while looking at the menu.

"The spaghetti and meatballs here are excellent," Derek said trying to diffuse any tension by acting like this was a normal meeting of two friends over lunch.

Shiva got to the restaurant and saw Derek and their target and he slid into a booth on the other side directly looking at his partner and their target. The waitress returned to slide a plate of breadsticks and olive oil with seasoning.

"Oh, I didn't know you were having a guest. Can I get you something to drink?" Derek said,"An iced tea please," Derek said with a sly smile which his gleaming white teeth made the waitress blush.

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Where » New York

When » 2016-09-03

Phase » Afternoon

Blackstar » His eyes were focused on the person in front of him. His orange eyes couldn't be seen through the sunglasses which was a good thing. He was in control at the moment or as far as he could be in control. The television were working slightly better around them, while he remained quietly.

The waitress appeared and instead of walking away from the problem. He decided to go right into it. "Yes, my apologies." His tone sounded that he was not from the USA.

His gaze went straight into Derek's eyes as he made use of the different mirrors and glass reflections in order to see if more people were looking at him. Derek's partner hadn't entered at that moment yet, so he thought it was only an one on one conversation.

"What do you want?" Nick asked straight at Derek. Nick grabbed a bit of bread and sticked the tip in the olive oil before placing some salt on the top before taking a bite.

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Where » New York

When » 2016-09-03

Phase » Afternoon

Quantum » "So right to the point. I can respect that..." Derek said as he motioned to the bread and asked if he could take a piece. He went on to say,"I represent a group of people who want to help. I am an Inhuman too and they helped me with my powers and they want to help you with yours as well," Derek continued in a soft tone.

Derek had energies powers too and he had learned the hard way that his powers could be destructive also. He could rip a atom apart and create nuclear explosions and the one time he did he destroyed a small plot of land and a building was atomized. He was lucky that the only person in the area was himself but it could have been worse. He had blacked out and found himself at SHIELD medical facility and was helped to cope with his powers by Daisy and Lincoln.

"My name is Derek Santinelli...I'm an agent of SHIELD," Derek pushed a badge across the table and showed it to Nick.

"I think we should ate lunch and talk...I want to convince you that we are here to help...it's really your decision what we do next..." Derek said as he put a piece of the soft bread in his mouth after dipping it in the seasoned oil and herbs.

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Where » New York

When » 2016-09-03

Phase » Afternoon

Blackstar » "Sure, go ahead." Nick answered as he leaned back against the glass wall, wooden wall. His eyes remaining hidden under the black colored sunglasses. Derek told that he was like Nick an Inhuman and that he worked for an organization that wanted to help him control his new powers. Nick had something else within his mind, They would rather use his powers than actually help him. Everything comes with a price. That was something that he had learned pretty early.

S.H.I.E.L.D. only knew by a certain time period that Nick Blackwell was within Terrigenesis that he wasn't exactly a weak Inhuman. He was classified as an Omega Class Inhuman, the strongest of the strongest, but this wasn't some knowledge that Nick had. He didn't even realize how long he hadn't taken a step within the world.

Derek had introduced himself and Nick gave him a smile. He leaned forward and said, "Well, even though I do not have to introduce myself. My name is Nick Blackwell." He looked at the badge for a short period of time before pushing it back. He took a hold on the side of his sunglasses and looked at Derek before placing it on table.

It might be a good opening question, "I will go with you either way. I know I have these powers now and they are..." He had to think of a word, "Powerful." As he spoke at quite a normal tone and didn't want the population to be scared of an Inhuman, if they knew what it was.

He was almost done with his first bottle of coke and took the other bottle, "But the bill are yours."

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Where » New York

When » 2016-09-03

Phase » Afternoon

Quantum » "Don't worry about the bill for that matter," Derek said wanting to build a report with someone was hard. He knew how difficult people got when faced with the Slokovia accords and the disbanded Avengers. People were frightened by the Inhumans.

"SHIELD found me almost a year ago and saved me from killing my family. I didn't know how to control my powers but SHIELD has the best people who care about your safety and yes they want something in return," Derek paused,"they want to help and keep us safe no imprisoned but safe," Derek ended but he knew that wasn't going to convince him to come along.

"Have you heard of Quake, the former terrorist who is now a SHIELD agent. The director of SHIELD announced to the public that we have an inhuman SHIELD agent and there are more of us too. We protect both our kind and everyone else. Don't you want a semblance of your old life back without hurting the people you love?" Derek remembered how dangerous his powers were before he could control them all. He could rip an atom apart if he wasn't very careful to not thinking of an object for too long and use his powers of force weakening. Fitz had explained to him that he was an energy magnet able to control and change the direction of energy wavelengths. Derek was a cop so when Fitz got all science-y he would drown on and on and force Derek beg him to stop.

" We have several agents with powers. I brought someone with me for back up. You never know how these things will ever go down," Derek said after his food arrived.

"Thanks, we actually didn't know your name. See an Inhuman who can predict the future told us that someone that being you will have an altercation with someone and have an accident. We are here to make sure that doesn't happen," Derek looked around nd a huge man walks into the diner.

He has a sawed off rifle and demands the money from the register. He cocks the rifle and Shiva disappears from his table. He moves so fast it was hard to see him as he pulled the rifle out of the man's hands and it turns to metal dust and rotted wood.

Shiva had an array of powers one was the destructive touch of disintegration. He could heal with his other hand or reconstruct weapons out of materials he could touch.

Shiva returns to his seat and the waitress barely saw him leave his seat. He smiled and asked for the strawberry blintzes. Shiva also asked for a glass of milk and a milk shack. He had a thing for dairy products.

A man attempts to rob the diner but Shiva prevents it from being an issue and as Ulysses predicted would change the circumstances of the evening. Blackwell would not have been shot and the people in the diner are alive because of an Inhuman.

"That is why we are hear to save people..." Derek said sipping his coffee and hoping Ulysses fortune telling helped them and the future didn't change so much that they can't see the problems it caused.

"What do you think?" Derek asked.

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Where » New York

When » 2016-09-03

Phase » Afternoon

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