A Day In The Life: Tommy Shephard

A Day In The Life: Tommy Shephard (#TiD-38) unknown

SCENE SET »  Brooklyn, a borough of more then 30 distinct neighborhoods. Each with it's own distinct flavor, each boasting its own personality, much like the white haired youth who likely slapped the snooze button on the nearby alarm clock once more for just 'five more minutes'. From downstairs a voice bellowed once more asking that someone get themselves out of bed. The tone and the words used could be described as 'flowery' at the very least; flowery, a youthemism for 'profane' or 'explicit' word choices.

Today, let's call it Thursday, it was a beautiful day in Brooklyn; The sky was blue and crystal clear, the temperature was surprisingly moderate for a summer's day with a gentle breeze rustling through the shade trees which lined the streets.

And a door to a bedroom somewhere on the second story of a historic brownstone once again burst open. A women, the mother, walked in casually and pulled ALL the sheets from the bed as she asked in the sweets, yet most stern tone imaginable, that a certain someone get their butt up and out of bed, showered, and to school asap.

All of his brothers had already departed for school.

This was the daily drudge that greeted Tommy Shephard every weekday morning.

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