Nova Corp Trainee: Sam Alexander

Nova Corp Trainee: Sam Alexander (#TiD-34) Max

SCENE SET »  A section of space know several light years from Earth on planet Xander a lone figure appears on an ornate balcony. Five golden helmets are resting on the balcony and the clocked figure whose cape flows in the wind revealing a red six pointed star on the back of the silky robes. He raises a hand and 5 portals open up in front of him and he lifts each helmet up and throws one into the small aperture in space and time. The helmets travel incalculable distances on their journey to find their new owners. They will turn their future owners into the next wave of Nova Corpsmen.

Over Earth a small portal opens and a helmet appears in orbit around the planet. The helmet begins to fall towards its target; an Earthman has been chosen to be the next Nova.

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