A Day In The Life: Elijah Bradley

A Day In The Life: Elijah Bradley (#TiD-32) Max

SCENE SET »  Bronxs, is the northernmost of the five boroughs of New York City, within the U.S. state of New York. It is geographically south of Westchester County; north and east of the island and borough of Manhattan to the south and west across the Harlem River; and north of the borough of Queens, across the East River. Of the five boroughs, the Bronx is the only one that has the majority of its area on the U.S. mainland and, with a land area of 42 square miles (109 km2) and a population of 1,455,720, has the fourth-largest land area, the fourth-highest population, and the third-highest population density. Since 1914, the Bronx has had the same boundaries as Bronx County, a county of New York and the third most densely populated county in the United States.

Today, let's call it Thursday, it was a beautiful day in the Bronx; The sky was blue and crystal clear, the temperature was surprisingly moderate for a summer's day with a gentle breeze rustling through the shade trees which lined the streets.

The streets themselves teemed with life, hotdog vendors on corners, meter maids handing out tickets, kids playing hopscotch, small groceries and convince markets mixed in with chic little boutiques selling everything from custom made jams to rare and exotic handwoven blankets, along with the odd Mobile carrier which seemed to becoming more and more prevent everywhere you looked.

This was the Bronx Elijah Bradley knew.

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