Full Name:

Kaplan, William  (not available for adoption)


Chant, Asguardian


Billy, Ass-guardian

Identity Is:


Char Type:





Adam Gallagher


H: 5“ 8‘ | W: 136 lbs.

Hair Color:

Black, Jet

Eye Color:

Brown, Med


Billy is a fairly average-looking young male of Jewish descent. He has short, slightly curled locks of rich, thick dark brown hair, deep brown eyes, a somewhat angular face with a medium-fair complexion. At just over 5'8" and 136 pounds, he is still somewhat lanky and obviously growing into his body still. His body in general is slender, slightly toned with a defined frame that will pretty much let him wear the latest fashions without fear of looking inappropriate or just plain 'wrong' on him. He is still clean-shaven and generally dresses casually in slacks, dress-shirts that generally aren't tucked in, sweatshirts, sweater-vests, wristlets and other accoutrements of the new urban prep trend of late.

VOICE: In a world of sopranos and tenors, contraltos and basses, Billy stands out in that he has an unrestricted tonal range. This might not be evident on a first or second meeting given that general tone is that of a qeit bariton. But when he begins to chant or sing or even hum, it becomes quite evidtent that he has an unusually wide vocal range that can shift in vocal weight, tessitura, timbre and tansition point with ease. His voice, when not chanting or singing or otherwise attempting to use his voice for anything other then casual or intimate conversation has a fluid, soothing chocolate like tone which is richly textured and nuanced with a thousand transition points that would hint of his full vocal range to any trained ear. To the untrained ear, his voice is best described as being warm, soothing and comforting to the ear; when a subject captures his attention, his voice seems to become sweeter and velvety... like chocolate, every note spoken seems worth savoring.




Anything is possible if you just try...

Theme Song:

Imagine by John Lennon


G - General. Suitable For Members Of All Ages; No Maiming, Mutitilating, Or Other Possible Traumatic Situations. Prior Explicit Player Consent Required Before Event Inclusion.


The Next Sorcerer Supreme




Caregiver - You always try to help those around you, struggling to make a difference in the needs and sorrows of the unfortunate. People around you depend on his stability and strength to keep them steady and centered. You are the one people turn to when they have a problem.


Adherent - Stay true to his goals/beliefs no matter what.


Billy is neurotic, Jewish, cerebral, ironic, charming and has no idea whatsoever how attractive he is. He is plagued by self-doubt, thinks way too much, and is never in complete control of his formidable magical-like powers. Despite his quick wit and sharp mind, Billy's not as articulate about his own feelings - the true source of of his powers. He is also a huge fan of superheroes (since early childhood) and knows everything there it to know about various super-powered groups like that of the Brotherhood, Fantastic Four and the X-Men, as well as individuals like Daredevil and Spider-Man - more than there is to publicly know about them. Being adopted, Billy has strived all of his life to be worthy of the family which adopted him and gave him a home at a very young age. He has a deep-seeded fear of losing the Kaplan family, which he has come to regard as his own, and of being alone. Thus he also has a fear of death and the loss of those he loves, which is a logical extension of his core fears stemming from his being adopted. Because of these fears, he's very motivated to be liked and tries very hard to come off as likable. When in a crowd he will go along with the crowd rather then what he himself might be interested in. Unless what the crowd is going to do is an anathema to his own core beliefs and interests, in which case he will politely withdraw from the crowd/group and go explore other options such as going to the library or going for a walk by himself. When he first meets people, he is both guarded and out-going/friendly. Unlike most people, when he meets others he tries to avoid questions about himself and/or disclosing any information about himself which he considers to be 'too' specific or 'detailed'. Rather, he works to focus the attentions and questions on the other, and as he's found most people are all too happy to talk about themselves, he is often able to avoid disclosing anything particular about himself beyond his first name. He's still coming to terms regarding his inherent sexuality and is trying to understand what it is to be a young gay male in today's society. He does enjoy the idea of flirting and would like to try it sometime. But for now he has put this desires on hold while he continues to figure out what it means to be gay, or, he meets someone worth risking finding out what it means to be gay with. He is unaware that just about everyone around him knows that he is gay, and that they knew before he did. As such he sometimes tries to 'pass' for straight around others both to avoid the awkwardness of explaining that he is gay, and fear that they might try and pull a 'Kessler' on him.



Date Of Birth:

1 / 11 / 2000   (16 / 0 - Scorpio)

Place Of Birth:

Brooklyn, New York


GRD 10 - Sophmore




Young Avengers

Team Position:





Alpha-prime - Ap1

Power Source:

Mutation - Genetic: Hereditary

Power Rank:



Fi: TY/06 | Ag: GD/10 | St: TY/06 | En: GD/10 | Re: EX/20 | In: GD/10 | Ps: AM/50


Some tech exposure, understands complex machines


Some tech exposure, understands complex machines

Power Description:

WISHCRAFT (Reality Alteration) - It has yet to be determined if Billy is actually altering the very fabric of reality, re-ordering probable outcomes, or simply willing what he wants into existence. What is known is that he can alter reality to suit his deepest wishes and most heartfelt desires simply by wishing for it hard enough. Controlled by chanting, he is able to create almost limitless possibilities, if he wanted he could bend both time and space, alter the world at its most simplest of states or even change the laws of physics temporarily. His only limits really being his imagination, endurance and his level of training. Using his abilities, Billy has willed force fields to fade, machines to falter and even for villains to fail in their most determined of determined actions. He may even be responsible for Clay Aiken's phenomenal success following his loss to Ruben Studdard on the their season of American Idol. Billy is able to alter reality at this time by focusing his emotional core on a single, solitary desire. He does this by picturing what he wants to happen as he starts to chant a short mantra usually beginning with the phrase "I want " or "I wish" or "I need" and followed by a short, concise, descriptive tag of no more than seven to ten words that describe what he wants to happen. By doing this, he is somehow able to 'will' what he wants into actuality. Now, Reality does have laws and when one upsets these laws, it is not without it's consequences. Tip the scales too much and Billy risks karmic backlashes based on the events he set into motion. The more he pushes things, the more likely it is that 'reality' might attempt to correct 'itself' in ways and with consequences that he may not have thought of when attempting to manipulate the scales of reality to begin with. At present, Billy is able to influence an area equal to that of the distance he could be heard if he were to shout loudly during typical weather conditions (144 yards). Since nearly murdering his former school's bully, Billy has been extremely cautious when using his powers to the point that he would rather not use them than risk causing immeasurable harm to others. However, he has continued to practice with his powers and he has successfully found a number of smaller uses for his powers that he can reproduce without risk of serious side effects which he refers to as his ‘rotes'. Thus far he has demonstrated the ability to create force fields, fly unassisted, generate 'magical' lightning, and teleport both himself and others as explained below. He is likely capable of producing many, many other seemingly 'magical' effects. All this said, if he can't speak due to being bound, gagged, being awestruck, suffering from laryngitis or other ailments, or any other limitation which keeps him from being able to speak, then he cannot use his reality shifting abilities. Rotes Learned: Currently, Billy is working on mastering his abilities, he has learned that he can channel his power to various effects with a single word or specific gesture. To date he has only actually truly mastered one rote which is the ability of wingless flight, but he is studying several others as detailed below.

Rote Flight: By allowing his entire body musculature to to 'relax', he has found that he can also relax the effect of gravity on himself, and in doing so, Billy has learned that he can fly much like Superman can. However, as magical as his flight might be, he is still bound by the rules of the physical world; his body not being designed to withstand high speeds of flight, he is restricted to travelling at speeds of roughly thirty miles per hour and cannot exceed an altitude of two hundred meters at this time. Outside of this he is capable of reproducing flight almost as well as any other mutant capable of flight; it just requires him to put the practice in to be able to pull it off as well. Rote

Summon Lightning: While not as well versed with this rote as he is with flight, Billy can by extending his hand and outstretching his fingers so as to gesture at a specific target, Billy can cause the air to erupt with a powerful bolt of lightning strong enough to stun or disarm an enemy of average weight and size. Targets must be standing within direct line of sight (144 yards) for him to be able to strike at them with his lightning, he can not call it down from the skies or do any sort of trick shots with it - it is always directly from point A to point B. At present he can create roughly two to three bolts per minute for a sum of twelve to fifteen before needing to rest for at least half an hour in the case of twelve bolts cast and up to an hour should he have pushed himself to his full range of 15 bolts. As he is still learning this rote, there is always the chance that he may accidently fire off a bolt unintentionally, lose control of a bolt cast or simply fail to cast one all together because of improper gesturing on his part - as he needn't speak to produce a bolt of lightning, good form is very important. This is the rote Billy tends to favor most when entering a combat situation and is left with no other choice but to fight.

Rotes Currently being Learned

Rote Create Force Field: By manipulating light from around him, Billy is potentially capable of producing a force field of a blueish-white hue around himself and up to three other people. While not as powerful as the force fields that are produced by those naturally capable of generating a force field, Billy's are still quite capable of protecting those inside of the field from small and medium arms fire and or moderate physical or energy based attacks. Billy is capable of holding a force field up for only a few minutes at this time assuming that he is able to hold his focus. His field can be brought down if a force greater than that of medium fire arm is directed at it. Should his forcefield be shattered in such a way it is unlikely that he would be able to erect a new one before 24 hours have passed.

Rote Teleportation: Billy has only attempted this a few times so far, and every time he has tried it he's ended up in his mom's bed of all places. By concentrating, he is currently studying how to envision where he wants to be and then spontaneously appear there. As he is passing through a small wormhole in time and space to reach another location there is no risk of him materializing within an object as his rote is folding space rather than deconstructing and reconstructing him elsewhere. While he needn't be familiar with where he is attempting to go, there is a strong chance that he will teleport directly to the walk in closet inside of his mother's bedroom; Teleporting back to where he originally started from can be challenging due to his closet issue. He can make two or three jumps in a day before he is too physically drained and unable to attempt this or any other rotes for the day. The key for him to be able to achieve arriving where he wants is likely in tightening up his concentrating and possibly some mild theory to address any possible oedipal issues he might have - this is of course very hard as both his parents are strict Jungian psychologists.


ASSESSMENT - Billy can accurately judge the difficulty of many tasks and judge the abilities of others. If he take a full exchange to analyze a person or task, he can learn the difficulty of a task or one ability or intensity score about an individual.

LANGUAGES - Billy is currently studying French and Latin. He is fluent in English, Hebrew, and Arabic given his formative years in the Middle East.

MEDITATION - Concentration so intense that it focuses mental powers. He may reduce the difficulty for any Willpower-based power if he spend one exchange meditating first.

MYTHOLOGY - The study of classical myths, which may seem all too real in a world where Thor, Hercules, and Dracula walk the earth. This should be treated like the Lore skill when considering either a real-world or purely fictional culture.

OCCULT - The study of mystical practices. Billy is aware of many magical societies, antiquities, runes, and forgotten lore. Whether any of his Occult knowledge is truly factual remains to be seen.

PHILOSOPHY - The science of the nature of things, generally the fundamental beliefs as they come to be conceptualized and formulated, based on logical reasoning rather than empirical methods. It compromises logic, ethics, aesthetics, metaphysics, and epistemology. This skill also includes theology, the study of the nature of God, His relationship with humanity and with the world, and religious truths. RESEARCH - The science of finding and validating of information as being factual. He can easily navigate a microfiche, microcards, databases and libraries with ease. Likewise, the are incredibly efficient at sifting through and retrieving relevant information and pertinent facts from the irrelevant.


CUTE - There's no getting around it: Billy is kinda cute. He just has that kind of face, and combined with his self-effacing attitude and his tendency to put on an upbeat and sometimes ingenuous face, well... even acquiring a certain amount of scruffiness couldn't change the fact that he's ridiculously cute. And while he may one day grow into a handsome, sexy, even striking young man one day, right now he's - 'cute.' Whether he likes it or not.

DISCIPLINE - Billy is a disciplined young man, both mentally and physically. This allows him keep his mind sharp and his body in reasonable physical condition.


ENUNCIATION - In order to perform a successful mantra, He must be able to enunciate what he is doing. Furthermore, he must be able to hear his spells for them to be successful. And while some 'mantras' are done by simple semantic gestures, such as the creating of force fields, casting lightning and force blasts with little or no effort, he must be able to hear his castings to successfully teleport others, locate people, drop the force fields of others, heal people of grievous injuries, etc.

CURIOSITY - Billy has an incredible curiosity that not only overrides his common sense, but causes him to ignore the the good advice of others. Meaning that not only does he often gets into all sorts of trouble, but that others have to come bail him out. And while praise for his finds is not infrequent, when on a mission, Billy is often paired with the most sensible person on the team.

CHIVALROUS - If Billy witnesses any wrong-doings, he will try his damnedest to right them just as his heroes Captain America, Iron Man and Thor would. Furthermore he will try to right a situation regardless of what physical harm or emotional hardship he might befall him in so doing.

NAIVE - Billy spends a lot of time in books reading as much about magic as he does about the real life exploits of Captain America, Iron Man and Thor (yes, he claims the the Scarlet Witch is his favorite Avenger, but did you see that issue of People Magazine with Thor in a wet t-shirt on the cover?). As such he has bought in to a certain belief structure about the world and how it operates, and that belief structure is founded on the belief that people are inherently good and trustworthy. Somewhere out there is a great big bridge with Billy's name on it and salesmen waiting to sell it to him.

SECRET IDENTITY - The world does not know that Billy is, was or even suspects that William is actually Billy. Of all the secrets he possesses, this is his most guarded, and while some people may know about his secret identity as Billy, by and large his identity as Billy is guarded secret. When dealing with normal society Billy may have to go to great lengths to maintain his double-life; working a day job, running errands and stuff like that and then rushing off into the night as Billy. And somewhere in the midst of all of this, he still needs to find time to eat, sleep and crap. When he gets the tar beat out of him, Billy has to invent excuses for what happened, why it happened, and when it happened. AND, the excuses have to be believable which can be a tall order sometimes. The Secret Identity is a lie, which may exist for the noblest of reasons, but is still a lie, and a lie which compounds itself and combines itself with interest. He can't really have any close friends that aren't also in the know about his secret.

TRUSTING - Billy grew up spending a lot of time in books reading as much about magic as did does about the real life exploits of Captain America, Iron Man and Thor (who is his favorite Avenger). As such he has bought in to a certain belief structure about the world and how it operates, and that belief structure is founded on the belief that people are inherently good and trustworthy. His adventures with the Young Avengers has taught him a lot of about life. So while there might still salmon out there somewhere with a bridge to sell Billy, he knows to at least check that there is a bridge before considering purchase of said bridge.




Avengers Facilities - Billy possess standard access to the Avengers Mansion, Training Facilities, etc. due to his position as a cadet member of the Avengers Academy in good standing.

New York Library System - The proud owner of a New York Library card, Chant has access to all that the New York Library system has to offer including educational seminars, microfiche records and even free DVD rentals and online streaming video and music.

New York Transit System - Billy possesses a current METROpass allowing him to ride any bus or subway which is part of the New York transit system

OCCULT(ish) LIBRARY - Since coming into his powers, Billy has gathered a rambling collection of texts, tombs, scrolls, artifacts and other oddities which reflect his growing interest in mystical phenomena. The items in his 'occult library' range from Chinese menus that denote astrological signs to the latest new age self-help books and even old Stevie Nicks albums. And while most of his occult library is more novelty then fact, there are a few scrape books of newspaper clippings that suggest he's beginning to learn what might be of an occult nature vs. what some 'rube' might spend a month's allowance on in some dark flea market alleyway.






Chimaera - AKA Hulking.


Cameron Palmer: Former teacher
Bobby Soul: Former Classmate
Kiden Nixon: Former classmate and good friend
Curtis Blake: Former classmate




Dr. Jeffery Kaplan PhD: Father (adoptive), Cardiologist
Dr. Rebecca Kaplan PhD: Mother (adoptive)
Psychologist James Kaplan: Brother (adoptive), aged 5 year younger than Billy
Henry Kaplan: Brother (adoptive), aged 7 years younger than Billy Thomas Shepherd (Speed): Twin Brother/Foster Brother/Cousin? (UNKNOWN)


John Kessler - Classmate and high school bully/hoodlum



Character History:

Billy is one of two sons born to the Scarlet Witch, who desperately wanting to have children, unconsciously willed her children into existence. For reasons unknown, the children did not last, their souls where released back into the universe with Billy somehow resubstantiating both himself and his twin brother in the shadow of Wundagore Mt. in Transia; His records were permanently sealed by the courts along with his past which, like his twin, remains shrouded in mystery.

He was adopted by a pair of American doctors, Rebecca and Jeff Kaplan who later officially adopted him. And while his early years remain under speculation as to how he was raised, life with the Kaplans proved to be incredibly stable. He was raised in a Jewish household in what most would consider to be a good neighborhood in Brooklyn, there were no tragic events that he or his adoptive family are aware of to mar his childhood.

His adopted life with the Kaplans could be considered to be almost ideal by any measure. His life has been filled with nurturing parental figures and loving siblings to whom Billy is the elder brother too. Family has become a very important thing to Billy, with a mother that would take him to museums, Broadway and other such cultural affairs; to develop his practical side, while his father took him to Yankees games and Cub Scout meetings, on top of having two younger brothers, the young William would grow into a well-rounded young man. Many parents who adopt think of their adoptive child as their own and it is no wonder that they often attempt to de-emphasize that the child was adopted to help the acclimation process along; this was not the case with Rebecca and Jeff, they have discussed the process with Billy from his earliest days with the them and explained how they knew very little of exactly where Billy came from before they adopted him, answering any other questions he may have on the subject. As such, Billy is fully aware that he is adopted even if many of the signs of his origin such as the slight Balkan accent which Billy still retains from his early years at the foot of Mt. Wundergore. And whatever memories he as of that time are fleeting fleeting at best, with him largely only able to remember a nameless figure who found him wandering deep wooded of Wundagor one late night and brought him to the authorities who arrange for him to come to America via adoption.

Despite this or perhaps because of this, Billy loves his adoptive family with all his heart. He still questions who he was and where he came from and what happened to his biological family, questions that would play an important part in moulding Billy into the main he would later become. As he grew, Billy was always aware of the fact that he was different from most kids, first of all because of his adoption, secondly because of the fact that he was gay, and thirdly, although he was unaware of it, he possessed the mutant gene which marked him as the next step in sapien evolution. Having been brought up to accept and embrace differences in others, Billy has had no problems accepting not only who he is, but what he was others as well, knowing that those he loved and loved him in return accepted him for who was, rather than discriminating him for what he was.

That didn't mean that everyone was as accepting of Billy as his family was. During middle school, Billy was, like most kids in middle school who are are either small or odd or like Billy, a bit of both, targeted by bullies for any number of reasons too numerous to list. While not one to stand being pushed around by others or to tolerate such behavior regarding another, he wished he could have confronted the bullies or rallied the troops against them in some epic movie showdown. That was not to be the case, middle school is it's own special hell and while everyone has friends, when the bullies come for you it's every man, woman and child for themselves. Billy has always regretted that he couldn't stand up to them then - it was here that he learned to truly empathize with the pain of others for there were times when he was bullied and others watched on helplessly and there were times when he did the watching as others were bullied. It was also during middle school that Billy became infatuated with the various superheroes who like him, were different. These people all became personal heroes to the young Billy, demonstrating that you could stand up to the world and that the world could be a different, better place if you were only willing to take a few lumps (and risk some questionable fashion choices from time-to-time). They were willing to be seen, they used what made them different for the good of all. So fascinated by these heroes was Billy that he did his darndest to collect every piece of memorabilia that he could get his hands on; he possesses a wealth of newspaper clippings, magazine articles and a few loose bricks that can almost equal of the Encyclopedia Britannica when it came to superheroes and their powers.

These heroes made Billy long for powers of his own, so he could use them to stop the bullies at his school once and for all, despite being taught by his mother that the best way of stopping a bully was to not acknowledge them. Billy was however getting to the stage where this was no longer an option for him. Because of his inherent nature of accepting others, Billy was drawn to the neighborhood known as Mutant Town, hoping to find the power within himself to deal with the problems he was going through. During his visit he came across a mysterious woman dressed in scarlet, her words would soon prove to be prophecy as Billy entered his last year of junior high.

When he discovered that he did indeed possess powers just as he had always hoped. John Kessler was the unfortunate jerk who pushed Billy over the edge causing his powers to initially erupt and erupt they did all over John Kessler. Kessler had jumped Billy off and on for years it seemed, just as Kessler had jumped many other kids for a myriad of reasons. Billy didn't want to be the victim one more time and as Kessler began to apply the beat down for what would soon become the final time something broke deep within Billy. A raw energy crackled from the deepest spaces within his being, electrocuting Kessler within a hair's breadth of his sorry life. A crowd had gathered by the time that Billy had been able to recover enough of his facilities that he could stand. The crowd had come as a curious response to the flash of lightning that had cracked Kessler. Billy watched in mute horror as Kessler was taken away in an ambulance. He had seen what he could do and was unnerved by the sheer horror of it.

To his good fortune, the lightning caused Kessler to forget exactly what had happened and although Kessler did recover, word around school was that he was much 'slower' now which Billy took as code for, as Kessler would of phrased it 'a retard'. Billy still deeply regrets the bitter irony of these events. Billy too was taken to the hospital for the blows he'd received at Kessler's meaty fists. While he was there, Billy did go to Kessler's ICU and watched him for as long as he was allowed. And whenever Billy hears someone refer to Kessler, Billy is always reminded of what it means to have exceptional abilities and the care with which they are to be exercised. This event, more than any other in event has shaped who Billy will one day become.