Full Name:

Ulysses, Cain  (not available for adoption)

Identity Is:


Char Type:





Francois Arnaud


H: 5“ 7‘ | W: 142 lbs.

Hair Color:

Black, Jet

Eye Color:

Red, Dark


When using his predictive abilities, Ulysses' irises expand as does the pupil until that is all there is; Complete blackness, as this happens an inner light begins to manifest in his eyes resembling a dark red ember giving his eyes and even eerier, inhuma


College aged, Ulysses is tall, thin and lanky, with long medium-brown hair. His facial features are sharp and some what angular.




You are seeing this, right?


G - General. Suitable For Members Of All Ages; No Maiming, Mutitilating, Or Other Possible Traumatic Situations. Prior Explicit Player Consent Required Before Event Inclusion.




Believer - You must convince others of the Truth only you know.


Honest-Abe - You have a moderate temperament, and refrain at all cost from telling lies and stealing from others. You were brought up to live honestly and openly, and to be good to others; you have lived his life (and unlife) by these simple truths ever since. You are not a dogmatist and do not insist that others live as you do, nor have you constructed a complicated set of rules for hisself. You are flexible in his behavior, but always carefully evaluate his actions against his beliefs.


Ulysses is a young man who's been forced to grow up very quickly since going through Terigensis. His abilities, and becoming an Nuhuman have shaken much of his belief system. Prior to his transformation, Ulysses was a slacker who barely made it from one grade to the next. He coasted into college with no idea of who he was or wanted to be and seemed destined to get a Liberal Arts degree and then 'Temp' his way through the next forty or so years of his life. Now, following Terigenisis, it is as if something within him as been awakened, almost making him the voice of the millennial generation; He is determined to make the world a better place because he's seen whats coming.



Legal Status:

Adult, No criminal record

Date Of Birth:

31 / 11 / 1998   (18 / 19 - Sagittarius)

Place Of Birth:

Point Pleasant, Ohio


College YR 2 - Attending





Team Position:






Power Source:

Altered - Induced

Power Rank:



Fi: GD/10 | Ag: TY/06 | St: TY/06 | En: TY/06 | Re: GD/10 | In: MON/75 | Ps: REM/30


Some tech exposure, understands complex machines


Some tech exposure, understands complex machines

Powers Overview:

Danger sense,danger sense,Mental Invisibility

Power Description:

ASTRAL PROJECTION (Temporal) :: Ulysses is capable of assuming an astral state, one which allows him to travel in space and time so that he can stand and bears witness to the events that are to come. While his physical body remains in the present, acting as a kind of temporal anchor, Ulysses will project into the future and for all intents an purposes, he is there. He appears to have a physical self which is whole capable in all ways of doing that which he is physically capable of doing. Further more, unlike other astral projects, Ulysses is subject to all the apparent physical laws of where he is. He can also take others with him, allowing the to interact with the future in much the same was as he does.

DANGER SENSE :: Mintues, sometimes only moments before you-know-what is gonna hit the fan, Ulysses‘s can sense what is about to happen, and while he can’t tell exactly what is about to happen, he can sense enough to know if he should duck, or run, brace for impact or whatever preventative measure he can take before whatever it is happens. Further, he can usually tell from what direction the danger will come. Put simply, Ulysses‘ always knows when to 'duck and cover' so to speak.

PRECOGNITION (Diagnostic) :: Ulysses mind can, by unknown means, accurately model the future, allowing him predict what is about to happen if events go unchecked. His brain appears to automatically absorb data and energies cascading from all over the world and through unfathomable mental algorithm within him, exactly the likely outcome of what is to happen. And while his accuracy for being exact is around 10%, the general information he models is disturbing accurate. He might be correct as to who is going to be hit by a car at 5th and Main on the following Monday, but you can be sure that if events are left unchecked, someone will be hit by a car at 5th and Main on the following Monday.

MENTAL INVISIBILITY :: Ulysses‘s mental energies are such that he renders his mind, and in some cases very presence undetectable by psychic means. Jean Grey, a noted telepath, described his mind as a closed system which can neither be read nor accessed by psychic means. As such, technologicies such as EEG scans, psionic, magical, or would be mindreading-based powers are ineffective where he is concerned.


CONVICTION:: Ulysses possesses great belief in himself, what he is doing, and what he stands for. Ulysses is able to stand up to the forces of evil and temptation better than most.

CURIOSITY:: Ulysses has an incredible curiosity that often overrides his common sense. Meaning that Ulysses often has the potential to lead his into all sorts of trouble and danger. However it is often the case that his curiosity will prove to be for the best as it will lead to his finding something of potentially critical importance to the events at hand.

HARD TO KILL :: Simply put, Ulysses' is incredibly difficult to kill, even if you have a direct bead on him with a lazer scope, his predictive and hyper-modeling abilities give him an edge and he will likely find a way to avoid being hurt OR possibly even being where whomever was expecting him to be so they could attempt an ambush; In the practical sense, while not a great fighter, he has study with Karnak of the Inhumans and learned how to dodge incredibly well.

INSIGHT :: Ulysses can see detailed info (including Qualities and Drawbacks and his innermost emotions) by looking at someone. him can also sometimes sense possessing entities (ie:telepaths), or unusual behavior from another he knows.

LIGHT SLEEPER :: When he is asleep or trying to go to sleep, the slightest of noises will likely wake Ulysses, with some characters whose power relies on atmospheric/geographical conditions, even changes in weather or humidity can wake them.

RESOURCEFUL :: Be he friends of the family, school friends or even past-enemies, Ulysses has acquaintances who in turn have access or ownership of capital. This capital can be held in cash, business or property. Ulysses has a good enough bond qith such people that he can use this money to Ulysses advantage.




Samsung Note (Android Phone)


MetroPass Transit card




Royal Inhuman Family


Iron Man


Mariah Hill
Carol Danvers (Captain Marvel)


Michael Cain (father)
Mrs. Cain (mother)
Numerous foster siblings



Character History:

Ulysses Cain was born to a couple of tour guides in Point Pleasant, Ohio. He also lived with fifteen foster siblings, who were difficult cases from all over the state adopted by Ulysses' parents to ensure their future. Ulysses was friends since grade school with a local girl named Amy, the daughter of the sheriff.

After finishing high school, Ulysses attended the Ohio State University. He was a fairly tame student, who got along with everybody, but didn't leave much impression either. When the Terrigen Cloud released by Black Bolt swept through the campus, Ulysses was exposed to the cloud and underwent Terrigenesis.

Ulysses' emergence from his cocoon was shadowed by that of another classmate, Michelle, whose transformation resulted in a much more monstrous and terrifying appearance. Cain was overwhelmed bothy by the monstrous transformation of his friend and of his newfound powers.

Over the next few days he came to realize that what he thought were weird and wild hallucinations were actually prophecies. Terrigenesis had gifted him with the ability to see into the future. Furthermore, he could vividly experienced the future (predictive modeling). He could interact with the future as if he were there.

At first Ulysses panicked, he ran non-stop several miles off the campus until he could run no more, collapsing in an alleyway, he then did his best to hide. And hid he did until a member of the Inhuman royal family found him and proceeded to take him to Queen Medusa.

Medusa instructed that the Inhuman Magister, her cousin, Karnak train Ulysses in preparation for whatever was to come. Ulysses trained with Karnak for several months, the training helped him to develop a sense of badly needed focus, not only on how to use his new found inhuman abilities, but on how to live with them.