Full Name:

Day, Jackson  (not available for adoption)

Identity Is:


Char Type:





H: 6“ 2‘ | W: 163 lbs.

Hair Color:


Eye Color:

Red, Light


Blue skin


Blackish-blue skin, glowing demonic-looking red eyes, white hair with purple costuming and cape.




No, Thor ! Not madness ! Evil ! Consummate evil ! All the evil of the ages combined ! All the evil held in the hands of one whose very touch spreads that evil ! Feel the malevolent touch of one who dares call himself -- the Corruptor !


G - General. Suitable For Members Of All Ages; No Maiming, Mutitilating, Or Other Possible Traumatic Situations. Prior Explicit Player Consent Required Before Event Inclusion.


A touch of evil




Evangelist - Whatever it is you have faith in, you must spread the word.


Monster - Knows she is a creature of darkness and acts like it.



Legal Status:

Adult, Record sealed

Date Of Birth:

12 / 5 / 1974   (42 / 0 - Taurus)


College YR 8 - Dr.



Power Source:

Altered - Random

Power Rank:



Fi: GD/10 | Ag: TY/06 | St: TY/06 | En: GD/10 | Re: EX/20 | In: TY/06 | Ps: MON/75


Some tech exposure, understands complex machines


Professional employment, middle class


Some tech exposure, understands complex machines

Power Description:

TOUCH OF EVIL (Mind Control Touch) :: The Corruptor has the power to subvert a living beings will by mere touch. The sweat glands of the Corruptor's skin release a Monstrous intensity psychoactive chemical that upon contact with another person's skin forces a metabolic change that overrides the inhibition center of the brain. As a result, the victim is very susceptible to the Corruptor's suggestions, or left to his or her own volition, will act in a highly uninhibited, selfish, or immoral manner. The period of time under the Corruptor's influence is dependent upon the length of contact with the Corruptor's skin, and hence the amount of toxin that has been absorbed by the skin and reached the brain through the bloodstream. This period of "corruption" varies from about a half hour to twenty four hours. In order to keep a person under his influence over a long period of time he must touch him or her before the toxin dissipates. The limit to the amount of toxin his' skin produces is not yet known, nor is the limit to the number of people the Corruptor can put under his influence consecutively. He can affect more than one person at a time if more than one person is touching or being touched by him. In order to keep a person under his influence over a long parted of time he must touch him or her before the toxin dissipates. Through experimentation, the Corruptor has discovered that if a person is in a highly emotional state of mind he or she will remain under his influence for a far greater period of time, perhaps even for days. This occurs because the inhibition centers of the brain are already stimulated at the time the toxin enters. Note: For the first week of Day's transformation into the Corruptor, his body tried to shake off the effects of the chemicals and he would revert to his normal form period really. Since then, his body has fully assimilated the psychochemicals and he can no longer turn back to human.







Character History:

Jackson Day was a mere factory worker at a pharmaceutical company in Jamaica, Queens, when a fire stranded him inside. During the accident, he was doused with psychoactive chemicals, transforming him into a malevolent persona he called the Corruptor. Thor was helping in the rescue attempts, but the Corruptor attacked him instead, and he fell under the villain’s influence. A young NOVA (Richard Rider) tried to stop the rampaging Thor, who was only freed once Jackson was able to revert himself to normal. Jackson battled with his alter ego, reminiscent of Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde, but Nova and Thor managed to track the Corruptor’s influence on the citizens of New York and finally defeat him.