Full Name:

Margulies, Andrea  (not available for adoption)



Identity Is:


Char Type:





Ellen Page


H: 5“ 7‘ | W: 123 lbs.

Hair Color:

Brown, Ashen

Eye Color:

Brown, Med


Andrea is short in height and shoulder-length hair. Her dress sense is smart and casual, that form-fitting; yet able to have some give. Something like boyish like clothing, like tops and trousers. Andrea believes in keeping herself well-groomed without, p


Andrea is short in height and shoulder-length hair. Her dress sense is smart and casual, that form-fitting; yet able to have some give. Something like boyish like clothing, like tops and trousers. Andrea believes in keeping herself well-groomed without, putting on too much makeup.

Being that Andrea can stretch, Andrea does has some weight to her. This gives her a more sort of hourglass shape and forms and could a tad clumsy at times because of this. Andrea has little in terms of body art or body piercings.


Black leathers with colored piping




G - General. Suitable For Members Of All Ages; No Maiming, Mutitilating, Or Other Possible Traumatic Situations. Prior Explicit Player Consent Required Before Event Inclusion.



Date Of Birth:

28 / 1 / 2001   (15 / 18 - Aquarius)

Place Of Birth:

New York


GRD 12 - Senior




New Mutants

Team Position:





Epsilon-prime - Ep3

Power Source:

Mutation - Genetic: Random

Power Rank:



Fi: TY/06 | Ag: GD/10 | St: TY/06 | En: EX/20 | Re: TY/06 | In: GD/10 | Ps: TY/06


Some tech exposure, understands complex machines


Some tech exposure, understands complex machines

Power Description:

Hyper-elasticity: she's really really stretchy or something like that.

She can stretch up to 100 feet in length before the cell in her body start to tell her that she reached her limit and only then would she start to feel pain and continuing past that limit could also do, some permanent damage to her skin and muscle tissue.




Xavier Institute


MetroPass (Buses, Trains, Subways)


Black leathers with colored piping


Training leathers provide mild protection from impact and temper changes; Rubbermaid's are made of a unique compound which is extreme pliable




Xavier Institute


Xavier Institute


Gillen Margulies (Mother, age 35)
Alan Margulies (father, age 36)



Character History:


Andrea’s past was one fraught with darkness and gloom; her life is like something that one would find in a twisted fairy tale they’d tell to scare little kids. To get them to behave. And it begins with our main character of this grim tale, called Andrea Margulies, a girl that, for the most part, went through life thinking that the world was full of wonder and imagination and thought that one could be anything one wanted to be. This was shown in what she liked to watch and do, as she loved all things girly and some that might be considered boyish.

But had since lost contact with them leaving Imagination was her escape from the world as the reality was that Andrea had to deal with her parents, Christopher and Gillen Margulies. The two people in Andrea’s life that she wished to see the back of, due to the fact that one was alcoholic and the other a womanizer and they were not afraid to show it. This left Andrea having to do things for herself and found that watching cartoons, in an tempt to find happiness.

(The Beginning)

Her younger life had better filled with friends and hobbies, like amateur gymnastics and watching cartoons, drawing and reading. Something that was going to change as the year and she got older, as Andrea got into her teenage years. she wondered more about things like boys and what would become of her as she got new feelings growing through her and the prospects it held for her.

School changed, as did her tastes a little, but only as she got to find out about boys and how she was starting to like them. Due to not having a brother or knowing any family of the opposite sex (apart from her father), but knowing her parents would kill her if she ever thought about boys or romance, for that matter. She liked the thought of finding someone that would love her and take her away from the pain and suffering that were her parents.


Andrea had other feelings, that would come to arise as Andrea felt that she was different from others around her.As Andrea continued with her gymnastics she found that her body was somehow finding it easier to flex. At first thought, she went through the normal changes that every teenager goes through. Yet Andrea started to see things differently.

As she neared her 16th birthday, she started to see more of this as she was cleaning her gym gear and the resulting sneeze made Andrea realize, that her body was going through a massive change and was able to control it. At first, she thought she was unwell and tried to hide it from her parents, in the vain hope that it would go away.

Seeing that it didn't, Andrea got used to the fact that she could stretch her limbs and thought's turned back to the comic books she’d read as a child. Andrea then realized that she was gifted like the heroes that she’d read about. This came to dismay her parents as they saw her using her new found ability.

Both them thought that this was all a mistake. As their only child had become a mutant, it made them question how such a thing could happen. It made them see Andrea in a different light, so much so that it took a toll on their lives. Resulting in Andrea's seclusion from the world as her mum and dad felt that, her mutation was like a contagion.

Making Andrea fall into loneliness thinking what would the world was going to think of her, would it be the same as what her mum and dad thought of her, and was there other out there like her. Thought like this swirled through her mind as she held onto her teddy bear, crying herself to sleep.

Andrea Margulies is one of the youngest students at the Xavier Institute for Higher Learning and one of Emma Frost's numerous advisees. She was brought to the X-Mansion following a murder investigation by one of the senior X-Men accompanied by Professor Xavier.