Full Name:

Santinelli, Eric, Daniel  (not available for adoption)



Identity Is:


Char Type:





Alex Santaniello


H: 6“ 1‘ | W: 170 lbs.

Hair Color:

Brown, Medium

Eye Color:





G - General. Suitable For Members Of All Ages; No Maiming, Mutitilating, Or Other Possible Traumatic Situations. Prior Explicit Player Consent Required Before Event Inclusion.




Caregiver - You always try to help those around you, struggling to make a difference in the needs and sorrows of the unfortunate. People around you depend on his stability and strength to keep them steady and centered. You are the one people turn to when they have a problem.


Soldier - Your firm resolve under pressure keeps the team together.



Legal Status:

Adult, No criminal record

Date Of Birth:

23 / 7 / 1995   (21 / 0 - Leo)

Place Of Birth:

Boston, Massacusetts


College YR 4 - B.S.





Power Source:

Altered - Random

Power Rank:



Fi: GD/10 | Ag: REM/30 | St: GD/10 | En: REM/30 | Re: GD/10 | In: GD/10 | Ps: TY/06


Operate current technology: computers, electronics


Professional employment, middle class


Operate current technology: computers, electronics

Power Description:

Energy Control: Quantum is able to manipulate the four fundamental forces including the electromagnetic spectrum, magnetism, gravity and atomic force. He can increase or decrease their apparent intensity and has learned to create force fields, flight and move objects by manipulating these forces The full extent of his abilities are unknown but some of the abilities he has demonstrated are:

Magnetic Control: Quantum has increased or decreased magnetic fields and moved objects using these fields.

Gravimetric Flight: Quantum has learned to reduce the affect of gravity on himself and anyone or thing that he touches. He can propel himself at super sonic speeds.

Force Fields: Quantum has learned to create fields of various energies to shield him and others from harm. He has demonstrated the ability to create Magnetic and Gravimetric fields proof against most energies that he can counter.

Detection (energy): Quantum can detect and identify energy and related phenomena. Quantum refers to this ability as his energy vision.


Ballistics: Quantum has a basic understanding of ballistics. He has studied guns, knowing what bullet goes with what gun, where a shot could have come from, etc.

Criminology: Quantum has an understanding of the criminal mind and behavior, either from studies or first-hand observation.

Marksmen: Quantum is a skilled marksmen and has experience using both hand guns and rifles.

Pollice Procedure: Quantum is an ex-SHIELD agent and is familiar with police procedures, crime scene investigations, and handling evidence.


Conviction: Quantum possesses great belief in himself, what he is doing, and what he stands for. Quantum is able to stand up to the forces of evil and temptation better than most.

Charismatic: Quantum just seems to have that special magnetic charm or appeal about him. There is just something about him that people just can't seem to resist. Quantum seems to have a personal attractiveness or interestingness that is based on public speaking skills and positive manners.

Leadership: He has the respect of all other team members to the extent that these members rely on Quantum to lead them, be it in battle or generally in times or pursuit or crisis. him therefore has bucket Loads of logical thinking, strategy and charisma



Character History:

Eric grew up in a middle class family where almost everyone was either a paramedic or a cop. There was a friendly internal rivalry amongst family members which ones got into which academy but the Santinellis were tight knit and close to everyone. Eric was the youngest of 6 boys and two girls. He was considered the baby of the family and he like most of his family wanted to be a cop. He toyed with dabbling in law school but ultimately choose to go to the police academy through some family pressure. He had a girlfriend but they never quite got very serious as Eric was struggling with his internal conflict of being bisexual. He was hesitating to confess his orientation due to his families’ very Catholic ideology. He kept on avoiding marriage and finally his girlfriend broke up with him. He was about to come clean to his family when a device suspected of being a bomb was found in the Boston bus terminal. He was the first to arrive and got most of the people out of the terminal. He was caught in the blast of the terrigen mist bomb left by the Inhuman terrorists. He and several people were caught in the blast. He alone survived and was rushed to the hospital covered in a black ash but underneath he was forever changed.

SHIELD agents Skye and her fellow agents found him recovering in the hospital. They used a ploy to distract his police guard and managed to kidnap the confused Eric and brought him aboard the SHIELD air carrier. There he found out about the Inhumans and his condition. He had yet to find out the exact nature of his abilities until the aircraft was attacked by the newly reformed Hydra. The plane began to lose power and Eric didn't want to die in an airplane so in fright he activated one of his abilities. He could negate the effects of gravity on himself and surrounding structures. The effort knocked him out but the plane managed to crash land with everyone on board unharmed.

Eric awoke a few days later to find Fitz and Simmons who had deduced his powers were quantum based due to the strange energies he emitted. He could manipulate the strong, weak and gravimetric and magnetic forces around him. He was taught to use his powers by Sky and Lincoln Campbell helped him find out some of his abilities. He was released from SHIELD as one of the few people to pass the very strict psychological profiles of Dr. Andrew Garner. He returned to his native Boston but was told to be ready to come to SHIELD if they needed his help. He agreed so he could put his life in order and return when he was ready to join SHIELD full time.
Later while adventuring as Quantum; he met the hero the Torch of the Fantastic Four. He and Johnny began a relationship first as comrade in arms and later as confidante and lovers. They are currently in a relationship and Quantum accepted a position with the Fantastic Four which now uses Force due to its increased number.