Full Name:

Rankin, Calvin, Montgomery  (not available for adoption)



Identity Is:


Char Type:





Pietro Boselli


H: 6“ 2‘ | W: 226 lbs.

Hair Color:

Black, Jet

Eye Color:

Red, Dark


Calvin gains features based on the powers he is mimicking, such as Angel's feathered wings and Beast's enlarged hands and feet.


Calvin wears a blue and white costume with a white M that extends through each leg.




Now you see me, now you don't.


G - General. Suitable For Members Of All Ages; No Maiming, Mutitilating, Or Other Possible Traumatic Situations. Prior Explicit Player Consent Required Before Event Inclusion.




Competitor - You are driven by the need to win at all costs. The thrill of victory is the only thrill you recognize; it is the thing that drives you. You see life as a contest and society as a dichotomy of winners and losers. You believe all the macho business proverbs: "if he\'s not the lead dog, the view never changes," "there are no prizes for second place


Vigilante - Decide and dispense justice hisself.


Calvin is competitive and seeks powers to expand his ever growing repitiore of abilities. He is guarded and mistrustful of humans and although he sides with Magneto that mutants are superior; he is unwilling to be subserviant to anyone including Magneto.



Legal Status:

Adult, No criminal record

Date Of Birth:

0 / 0 / 0   (2 / 25 - )

Place Of Birth:

Passaic, New Jersey


College YR 2 - Certificate




Omega-prime - Op5

Power Source:

Mutation - Genetic: Induced

Power Rank:



Fi: AM/50 | Ag: REM/30 | St: REM/30 | En: REM/30 | Re: INC/40 | In: INC/40 | Ps: INC/40


Repair, install and troubleshoot current technology


Salaried employment, middle class


Repair, install and troubleshoot current technology

Powers Overview:

Power Duplication

Power Description:

Calvin Rankin has the ability to copy the powers, abilities, attributes, IQ, talents, fighting skills, and characteristics of anyone around him. Along with all those other things he can copy their physical appearance such as their skin color, bone structure, hair style and color, bone composition, voice, eye color, and other physical traits of those he mimics. When Calvin copies the abilities or powers of others he doesn't copy a persons flaws He has permanently retained the powers of Iceman, Cyclops, Jean Grey, Professor X, Beast, and Angel. The number of powers or people he can mimic are unknown or if he can keep the powers he copies indefinitely. He has been shown to be able to copy the abilities of over 10 people at once.


Calvin possesses the Aptitudes and Merits of the original X-men including Combat Reflexes, Enhanced-Balance and Psychic Awareness


Calvin can be overwhelmed with too many options and is overconfident.




Calvin possesses income from various sources both illegal and legal. He holds the position of White King of the Hellfire Club.


Calvin wears a blue and white costume with a white M that extends through each leg.


Calvin's costume is made of unstable molecules and is bullet-proof.




Father Ronald Rankin (Deceased)



Character History:

Calvin Rankin was raised by his father Ronald Rankin, who was experimenting with genetics. Once when Calvin was left alone and caused a lab accident which activated his copying powers. His father, afraid that others would despise him went into hiding with Calvin in a cave, where his father was building a machine that would take away his powers. The villagers found this out and attacked the Rankins' causing a cave-in, killing Ronald.

Years later while in college Calvin met Hank McCoy and Bobby Drake. He realized after using their powers that they were Iceman and Beast of the X-Men. He then later was in a shop were Jean Grey was. He developed telekinetic powers and realized that she was Marvel Girl. He then proceeded to follow her back to the Mansion, where he introduced himself and asked to join the X-Men. After revealing his plan to them they tussled until Calvin was able to capture Jean and hold her hostage. Calvin then took her to the cave where his father had died and planned on using the machine his father created to make the powers he copies permanent. Not realizing that it would instead take away his powers he used the machine and became powerless. Xavier then removed his memories of the X-men and Calvin returned to college.

Later during a lab accident in college he regained his powers and memory of the X-Men. Seeking revenge he demanded that he become a member of X-Men. Xavier reluctantly accepted and made Calvin the deputy leader.

Recently the White Queen set up the Hellfire Club and offered the position to the ever resentful Calvin who was jealous of the attention Jean Grey lavished on Scott Summers.

Sometime in the past, Calvin was killed during a fight with a synthetic being known as the Adaptoid. He was buried and left for dead but a series of events involving the Incredible Hulk and Wolverine resulted in his resurrection. He was found by Professor X but he had no memory of his past life. The Professor place him with a foster family in New York to give Calvin the loving family he never had in his previous life.

Calvin is older chronologically but physically he is a 17 year old again and has no memory of his past with the X-men or that he is a mutant. Calvin's x-gene is dormant and the trigger to expressing it has not happened as of yet.