Full Name:

Powers, Jackson  (not available for adoption)




Jack, Jackie, Captain Jackoff, Jackoff, Jerk, Mass, Mass-Master, Stackhouse

Identity Is:


Char Type:





Sean O'Donnell


H: 5“ 7‘ | W: 166 lbs.

Hair Color:

Brown, Chocolate

Eye Color:



Wicked light eyes


Jack has short trimmed curly dark brown hair & prefers to keep it slicked back from falling into his eyes. Typically he likes wearing named brand clothes and is a bit of a brand whore but hes not oposed to keeping it plain with just a bleach white t-shirts and a pair of blue jeans and flip flops. He knows how to dress up if the occassion calls for it.


Mass' uniform is blue and black




Yah? Well I pack a bigger punch!

Theme Song:

All Time Low - Jon Bellion


G - General. Suitable For Members Of All Ages; No Maiming, Mutitilating, Or Other Possible Traumatic Situations. Prior Explicit Player Consent Required Before Event Inclusion.


Kid brother




Jester - You are the fool, idiot, quipster, clown or comic, forever making fun of both hisself and others. You constantly seek the humor in any situation, and strive always to battle the tides of depression inside hisself. You hate sorrow and pain, and constantly try to take others' minds off the dark side of life. Sometimes you'll do nearly anything to forget pain exists. Your particular brand of humor might not always impress his friends, but it makes you feel better. Some Jesters manage to escape pain and are truly happy, but most never find release.


Thrill-Seeker - You live for that moment of danger when the adrenalin kicks in and you feel truly alive. Skydiving, bungee jumping and leaping across roofs on a dare are all just par for the course. As a junkie is addicted to his particular brand of poison, you are addicted to danger. Unlike most, you go out of his way to place hisself in dangerous situations that test the limits of his abilities. You train and work for these situations, and then you seek them out. This is what sets you apart from the teeming masses of paranoid dullards who shuffle around, hiding from their own shadows.


Jack is a very openminded and loves to meet new people. Like his brother GEE, he can come off a bit of a cocky bully who is full of himself, and while he probably very much is, he still has a kind heart and cares about people greatly. S0metimes he does not let that show thought, and that is where others tend to judge adn only think that he is an asshle. He is known to talk back, put in his own two cents, and to have a smart mouth, especilly with athourity figures. This being one of the reasons that his father sent him to Xaviers, in hopes that Jack mightlisten to someone other than his father. He lovesto crack jokes, and while sometimes at smeone elsesexpense, he is not afraid to laugh and make fun of himself either. He can sometimes push people away or make them not want to get to know him, but he does like making new friends and just loves a good laugh. He is probably the most outgoing and unshy of his siblings, and this sometimes also becomes to uch as he can be a bit overbearing at times. Like his Brother too, he is a bit of a honrbal, but being that he is in his teenage years he is a bit more of one than Alex, if that is even believable.



Date Of Birth:

11 / 4 / 2001   (15 / 16 - Aries)

Place Of Birth:

Richmond, Virginia


GRD 10 - Sophmore




Power Pack

Team Position:






Power Source:


Power Rank:



Fi: GD/10 | Ag: REM/30 | St: GD/10 | En: REM/30 | Re: TY/06 | In: GD/10 | Ps: TY/06


Operate current technology: computers, electronics


Large business or chain, trust fund, upper class


Operate current technology: computers, electronics

Power Description:

MATTER MANIPULATION- Jack has the ability to control the density of the molecules of his body. He can disperse his molecules into a dense, cloud-like form, or reduce the space between them until he is a small, highly resistant 8" size. He has also shown the ability to materialize a portion, or just a part of his body.
DENSITY INCREASE/DECREASE – Using his ability to control matter Jack can increase his density to that of diamonds or decrease his body so that it is nearly intangible like air. While intangible he is highly resistant to physical attacks and energy attacks but he is still subject to air gusts and force fields and barriers need to be porous for him to by pass them.
SPACIAL ENLARGEMENT – Mass can grow in physical dimensions as he increases his mass by drawing matter from another dimension. He gains strength much like his density but his enlarged size requires greater concentration and is knocked unconscious the stolen mass is returned to the pocket dimension. Jack can also decrease his size and shrink to 8” while at this size he can retain his normal strength or increase his density to become a living bullet
FLIGHT – Jack can travel about 20 mph while in a gas like form. He can propel himself forward against air currents.
REGENERATION – Jack and his siblings have higher than normal recuperative abilities but when together they can will themselves to heal faster by imparting energies to other siblings. This requires at least one sibling be healthy in order for the others to benefit from the shared energies.


ATHLETICS - Jack is highly competetive when it comes to being an athlete, and his whitty, over confident personality speaks for itself when it comes to being the high achiever he feels he is. His prefered sports are both soccer and martial arts, but particularly boxing. Along with his siblings, Jack possessed Kymellian healing powers but usually he was required to work with his siblings to generate and use this ability; however, he occasionally accessed it on his own. He can get wounded, even though his density manipulation powers could hinder him from evading physical damage or being badly wounded on the field if it was completely necessary.

COMBAT MASTERY (Boxing) - With his abilities Jack is also an efficient boxer and has been training since he was roughly 12 years old. With personal, customized combinations he has mastered, such as his infamous "Super-G punch," he could condense the energy in a super-gravitized fist to completely knock out his opponents in hand-to-hand combat; amoung other similar combinations.

WEAPON STYLE (Boomerang) - Even though he has the ability to condense objects into different forms of energy to create projectiles, these projectiles dont necessarily return, though he can retract objects consistently and project them consistently through condensing gravitational forces.


APPROACHABLE - MASS is very approachable and non-threatening even if he may have a precautious demeaner about him. He still feels he wants people to come to see him with their problems or questions because he generally cares for all of his classmates and teachers.

CHIURGERY - Due to MASS'S ability to condense his energy and also apply his Kemeyllian healing factor he can easily use massage therapy-like techniques to concentrate the "life" essence in most peoples nerves and use them to send whatever impurities out of the targets' body, immediately healing most forms of damage. It is not easy to work on someone else's nerves, though he can do it when the time is needed with much patience, practice and energy.

COMBAT REFLEXES - When MASS uses his density manipulation powers or vapor-form during combat his quick reactions to threats makes it easier to evade threatening attacks meaning that he is very difficult to surprise and is extremely effective in close-range.

CONFIDENCE - MASS possess an untouchable air of conviction and superiority that makes others instinctively realize they're not worried. Though he sometimes come off cocky during training exercises and he can be over authoritive at times, he is a good guy. Ultimately he has a comforting presence that makes people know that he is the type of person who is dependable and can be relied on.

QUICK LEARNER - MASS can learn the basics of a new skill or various adaptations with his abilities very quickly, as he always has. Academically aswell he maintains a 3.5 grade point adverage and has since his freshman year.


CHIVALROUS - Due to MASS'S soft-hearted nature, he is actually quite chilvarous and at times even idealistic. He passionately believes that honor, loyalty and bond are what define people at their best. Because of this close hearted belief, he may appear somewhat judgmental of others or even intolerant of others when they are unable to met his high expectations.

COMPULSIVE NATURE - MASS lacks a developed sense of self-control at this time. He is subject to mild temper tantrums, rash actions and compulsive speech depending on the circumstances. His attitude, good or bad, right or wrong, usually reflects in his words and or actions which may those around him cautious when dealing with him. Or may cause others to simply not want to deal with him at all.

SOFT-HEARTED - A born romantic, Jack can be a bit too nice and rather naive, believing that other people are basically good, especially when a pretty face is involved. Due to this flaw, he can be easily manipulated.

UNIQUE PHYSIOLOGY - While Jack is still susceptible to all the normal woes of what we consider to be 'mortal', his underlying physiology is vastly different from what we would consider to be classically 'human'. Even with the Kymellian healing abilities he still may require special circumstances and conditions or treatments when dealing with disease. If he were to catch an illness, or have need for medical treatment due to physical injury it is unlikely that a conventional doctor would be able to address his injuries.

SHOW OFF - Jack was given the nickname of 'Jack Off' for a reason by his older brother, he loves to be the center of attention and has a bit of a chip on shoulder to boot. This can compel him take make some pretty reckless decisions.




Allowance = 750 dollars a month


Mass' uniform is blue and black


Mass' uniform is made of unstable molecules and was designed by the inventor Reed Richards.




Fantastic Four
Franklin Richards
Spider-Man (Peter Parker)


Powers, James - father
Powers, Margret (maiden name Craig)- mother
Powers, Alex (Gee) - brother
Powers, Julia (Lightstream) - sister
Katie Power - (Destroyah) - sister


Gee - Alex Powers (Brother)



Character History:

Jack Power was born in Richmond, Virginia on April 11, 2001 and was your adverage 8 pounds 6 ounce baby boy and newest addition to the Power home. He was the more priveledged of the 4. Alex already had his spotlight years, so did Katie, so as 'mommy's little boy,' Margarett spoiled Jack immensely throughout much of his early childhood. What she saw in him more then them, they didnt know.

Jack was a trouble-maker and a bully growing up. He frequently teased and picked on his two sisters and older brother, and the fact their mother favored him as much as she did only caused a lot of conflict between him and his older brother's relationship. Though much of the Power children's summers were spent on Munhiggin Island where their fathers lab was, they were fortunate enough to live an upscale life. Their father, Dr. James Power, was a renown physicist and was highly respected for his discovery of matter and anti-matter exchange. His discovery to generate higher qualities and quantities of eco friendly energy sources was a breakthrough in the scientific community and could be the future of eco-effiecient energy for households and corporations throughout the globe in only a matter of years.

The alien race known as the Snarks came looking for the technology which they wanted to end a conflict with another race. The other race called the Kymellians decided to go to Earth and stop them. They were a benevolent race and felt the technology should be destroyed instead of being stolen. The agent known resembled a humanoid horse which the Powers children called Whitey due to his skin color.

Whitey had amazing abilities but his battle with the Snark agent resulted in his death but he transferred his powers to the Powers children. Jack was given the power of body density, which meant turning into cloud-form, and shrinking to small sizes, while his density stayed the same. His siblings also gained super powers: Alex could control gravity, Julie could fly and Katie could disintegrate matter and then fire energy balls. Jack adopted the code-name Mass-Master. Although they four of them now had amazing powers, they could not stop the Snarks from kidnapping their parents and taking them into space for further study of the humans.

All seemed lost until the smart-ship (named Friday) of the now dead alien Whitey told the Power kids he could follow the Snarks and try helping them rescue their parents. The foursome went into outer space, in hot pursuit of the Snarks. After an intense battle the

Power kids found their parents on the Snarks mother-ship, where able to save them and flee the forces of the Snarks.
After-wards, Jack's parents didn't have any memory of the Snarks or their kidnapping. The four siblings decided to keep their powers a secret to their parents and the world, and thus Power Pack was born, world's youngest superhero team. Jack continues to adventure as Mass.

Although the children have thought their powers to be a sécret, their patents are a,lot smarter than they look. With Mr Powers background and expertise, he has taken a job at S.H.I.E.L.D. his children having super powers have come to be the first to train under the new Young Avengers program and are in charge of finding recruits and helping them along the way.