Full Name:

Lensheer, Erik  (not available for adoption)





Identity Is:


Char Type:





Michael Fassbender


H: 5“ 10‘ | W: 163 lbs.

Hair Color:

Blue, Steel

Eye Color:



Magneto's generally seen with dark purple, free-flowing clothing with a large red cloak and a purple helmet. His helmet represents him in most respects. His white hair and cold blue eyes seem to pierce all those who look at him. He stands tall, and walks proudly. He has a solid frame even for his age, although it cannot be seen underneath his robes. He is healthy and active, although as his years progress (which can easily be seen in his face or hands) he'll begin to falter.




"Why do none of you understand what I'm trying to do? Those people down there- they control our fate and the fate of every other mutant! Well, soon our fate will be theirs. "

Theme Song:

Mozart - Lacrimosa


G - General. Suitable For Members Of All Ages; No Maiming, Mutitilating, Or Other Possible Traumatic Situations. Prior Explicit Player Consent Required Before Event Inclusion.


Savior of Mutant-kind




Director - You despise chaos and disorder, and tend to take control and organize things in order to suppress anarchy. You like to be in charge, live to organize and habitually strive to make things work smoothly. You trust his own judgment implicitly and tend to think of things in black-and-white terms: "This won\'t work," "You're either for me or against me," "There are two ways to do this---my way and the wrong way."


Engine - Utterly implacable, nothing sways you from his goal.





Legal Status:

Adult, Record sealed

Date Of Birth:

23 / 9 / 1936   (80 / 0 - Libra)

Place Of Birth:



College YR 8 - PH.d.




The Brotherhood

Team Position:





Kappa-prime - Ek4

Power Source:

Mutation - Genetic: Random

Power Rank:



Fi: GD/10 | Ag: TY/06 | St: GD/10 | En: INC/40 | Re: REM/30 | In: INC/40 | Ps: AM/50


Knows non-terran technologies


Large corporation, small country


Create leading-edge tech: stardrives, temporal devices

Power Description:

Magnetism: Magneto has comprehensive control over all forms of magnetism and utilizes that control to manipulate ferrous metals and achieve a variety of effects. He has used his magnetic powers in more than one way simultaneously. He can completely assemble a complicated machine within seconds through his powers. It is unclear whether Magneto's power is psionic or purely physiological in nature.

Magnetic Force-Fields: Magneto usually protects himself with a personal force field that he can quickly expand to protect large areas. The force field can withstand the effects of multiple attackers and can withstand UnEarthly damage Magneto can also use his force fields to hit or trap an enemy, and also levitate objects and beings in the air.

Magnetic Armor: In addition to the obvious external force fields, Magneto can reinforce the metallic fibers of his uniform with magnetic fields, making his clothing like armor with a durability approaching adamantium. He can resist punches from superhumanly strong foes.

Magnetic Rays: Magneto has the ability to shoot powerful rays and electromagnetic pulses, and has shown this ability to destroy both metallic and nonmetallic objects. Magneto can also use this ability to seriously injure his target.

Magnetic Flight: Magneto is capable of sustaining flight for very long distances and at varying speeds. Magneto interlaces with magnetic field lines in his immediate surroundings rather than along it. However, in order to travel in space, Magneto requires and is limited by the interior capacity of his force field to breathe.

Geomagnetic Sense: Magneto's senses enable him to perceive motion along magnetic fields. He is able to sense his environment much like active sonar. He can also detect fluctuations in energy levels and perceive things in a tactile perception.

Metal/Matter Manipulation: Magneto can manipulate metal at the atomic level and make it take different forms. Magneto also demonstrated the ability to indirectly manipulate non-metallic objects via metal ores they may contain, for example the huge island that Magneto levitated due to iron ore that were therein. Magneto is also capable of creating powerful electromagnetic fields capable of moving and manipulating nonmetallic objects, as well as levitating them (he can also do this via force fields).

Organic Iron Manipulation: Magneto can control the traces of iron within organic matter and can manipulate the iron-enriched blood-flow to one's brain to potentially induce very limited effects. There are only 2.5 grams of iron in the bloodstream of a healthy human body and perhaps a gram at most in the rest of the body. As a reference, a penny weighs 2.5 grams. Magneto has used his magnetic abilities to extract the adamantium bonded to Wolverine's skeletal structure.

Electromagnetic Sight: By concentrating, Magneto can perceive the world around himself as patterns of magnetic and electrical energy. He can perceive the natural electromagnetic auras given off by living beings.

Electromagnetic Spectrum Manipulation: Although Magneto's primary power is magnetism, he can also project or manipulate any form of energy within the electromagnetic spectrum, though this is extremely tiring for him so he primarily sticks to magnetism. He can potentially shoot and absorb forms of electromagnetic radiation or energy, create intense heat as infrared radiation, and become invisible by deflecting visible light around his body. The electromagnetic spectrum includes visible light, radio waves, ultraviolet light, gamma rays, and x-rays -- Magneto can project any of these to some extent, though doing so would dramatically tire him.

Electrokinesis: Magneto is capable of generating and projecting powerful bolts of electricity, due to his manipulation over the electromagnetic spectrum. He is capable of absorbing bolts of lightning, and projecting an electric aura around himself.

Telepathic Resistance: Magneto has trained himself extensively for fighting telepaths, and is resistant to telepathic attack. This training is similar to that given to the X-Men and New Mutants by Professor X, although the effects are further augmented with the aid of his helmet (see below), his strong will, and his own electromagnetic powers.


INTIMIDATION - Terrifying someone into doing or saying what he wants.


CONFIDENCE/DISCIPLINED - Magneto possesses an untouchable air of superiority that makes others instinctively realize he's in charge. Magneto is a disciplined man, both mentally and physically. This allows him to keep his mind sharp and his body in peak physical condition.

GENIUS-LEVEL INTELLECT - A mastermind, Magneto is a genius within various scientific fields. He is an expert on genetic engineering and mutation, with knowledge far beyond that of contemporary science. He has designed magnetically-powered aircraft and spacecraft, complex robots and computers, and magnetically-powered generators and created artificial living beings, space stations said to possess technology even Reed Richards would envy.

HARD TO KILL - Simply put, Magneto is incredibly difficult to kill. He has an annoying habit of surviving... somehow.

LEADERSHIP - Magneto is a born leader who believes in every thing that he preaches. He will do anything for the mutant people and believes that he's the only one who can raise them above the human's ill perception of them.

PRESENCE - Magneto has an astounding presence. Humans are scared of him. Mutants either hate him or adore him. He stands tall and proud and his presence can even be felt by those who do not know him.


CONVICT - Magneto is a wanted terrorist all over the world. This leaves him unable to simply got get a soda at a convenience store or walk into a movie theatre without hoping to be seen.

MORTAL - When it comes down to the nitty-gritty, Magneto is only human. His body is as susceptible to pain, injury and disease as that of the next person. ZEALOT - Magneto is a fanatic, and he will sacrifice anything for his ideals. Magneto will defy the law if it conflicts with his objectives.






Hellfire Club


Erich (uncle, deceased)
Jakob (father, deceased)
Edie (mother, deceased)


Professor X



Character History:

The original Magneto is over a century old but he has two children. Lorna and Joseph. Lorna took the name Polaris while Joseph took over for his elderly father and took the mantle of Magneto.

Magneto's son's first villainous act is attacking a United States military base called Cape Citadel after bringing down missiles. He is driven off by Charles Xavier's mutant students, the X-Men, in their a mission. He creates Asteroid M, an orbital base of operations in a hollowed out asteroid. He then gathers a group of angry and disillusioned mutants including his own daughter Polaris. He leads a group of mutants known as the Acolytes that worship Magnus as a mutant Messiah figure. Magneto seeks to further his father's goals.

Magneto briefly conquers the South American nation of San Marco in the hopes of establishing a mutant homeland there.