Full Name:

Storm, Jonathan, Lowell Spencer  (not available for adoption)





Identity Is:


Char Type:





Chris Evans


H: 5“ 11‘ | W: 174 lbs.

Hair Color:

Blonde, Butterscotch

Eye Color:

Blue, Medium


Lightly suntanned skin, normal complexion. orange phoenix tattoo on left butt cheek and a white rose on his right butt cheek.


He generally wears his blue Fantastic Four uniform while on patrol or on missions. But he usually prefers casual clothes. T-shirts, tanktops, andj jeans. He's worn a few leather jackets on occasion as well. He'll dress up on occasion if it's a fancy place he's taking a date or a wedding. He usually has to rent those although Susan has started buying clothes for him he'd have for special occasions and he'd kept them. And usually if he's wearing clothes and he has to transform the clothes burn up so he often takes to wearing his uniform under regular clothes.


Blue fireproof suit with the ff4 emblem on it.




Now picture that... But everywhere! I mean... Everywhere!


G - General. Suitable For Members Of All Ages; No Maiming, Mutitilating, Or Other Possible Traumatic Situations. Prior Explicit Player Consent Required Before Event Inclusion.






Trickster - Find the absurd in everything.


Thrill-Seeker - You live for that moment of danger when the adrenalin kicks in and you feel truly alive. Skydiving, bungee jumping and leaping across roofs on a dare are all just par for the course. As a junkie is addicted to his particular brand of poison, you are addicted to danger. Unlike most, you go out of his way to place hisself in dangerous situations that test the limits of his abilities. You train and work for these situations, and then you seek them out. This is what sets you apart from the teeming masses of paranoid dullards who shuffle around, hiding from their own shadows.


He's an open flirt flirting with men and women and getting dates constantly. He's a show off loving to impress his fans like with motorbiking or using his powers. He's also quite the prankster and often pranks and teases Ben knowing Ben will just get mad at him. But he does have a softer side that he shows mostly around Susan. She was always there for him even before his aunt and he's very protective and loyal to her.

He's also protective of Ben and Reed as well viewing them as family especially after Reed and Susan's marriage. His popularity has grown since becoming a super hero but he keeps relationships at a distance. keeping them casual. he's not ready for a real romance yet just wanting to have fun. but if he found the right person he might settle down for him or her.



Legal Status:

Adult, No criminal record

Date Of Birth:

24 / 7 / 1994   (22 / 22 - Leo)

Place Of Birth:

Glennville, New York


GRD 12 - Grad




Fantastic Four

Team Position:





Epsilon-prime - Ep3

Power Source:

Mutation - Genetic: Induced

Power Rank:



Fi: EX/20 | Ag: EX/20 | St: GD/10 | En: INC/40 | Re: TY/06 | In: TY/06 | Ps: GD/10


Modify existing current technology


Small ineritance or business, upper middle class


Repair, install and troubleshoot current technology

Power Description:

Pyrokinesis: The Human Torch possessed the mental ability to control ambient heat energy and the physical ability to transform his entire body, or portions of hs body into a fiery, plasma-like state of will.

Plasma Form: The Human Torch possesses the physical ability to envelop his entire body or portions of his body with fiery plasma without harm to himself.

Fire Manipulation: The Human Torch can generate shapes composed of fire from any point on his body.

Nova Flame: The Torch refers to his highest, hottest levels of plasma that he can create as his "nova flame."

Flight: thanks to his powers he's surrounded by a cloud that gives him enough buyancy to fly.

Enhanced Strength: while flying he can hold up to 180 pounds.

Thermokinesis: The Human Torch has the ability to mentally control the ambient heat energy within his immediate environment, even when he himself is not aflame.

Immunity to Fire and Heat: he's unaffected by heat and flames even if only part of him is alight with fire.

Absorbing Fire & Plasma: He can absorb fire and plasma around him into himself. This helps to cancel out attacks especially reflected ones.

Infrared Vision: He can detect heat signatures nearby if someone's trying to hide from him.


An expert mechanic since his teens, Johnny was able to totally overhaul a car's transmission by the age of 15. Johnny also has experience as a professional race car driver. He's an expert pilot having mostly flown helicopters and planes things like that. He flunked astronaut school but along with Ben helped pilot them up into space to the comet that eventually gave them their super powers.


Approachable; Attractive; Charismatic; Confidence; Damn Healthy; Double Jointed; Light Sleeper; Mechanical Aptitude; Basic Self Defense.


Mortal; water, extguishers, lack of oxgyen and other things can put out his flames making him as weak as any human during a battle; recklessness; his need to show off at times can get him into trouble; can come off as insensitive at times without realizing it.




Devices and inventions that Reed & Sue create in the lab. plus tools and parts to build or update his own inventions.


The lab in the Baxter Building roof;


Custom made blue flamed motorcycle (created by Johnny), red Porsche, Fantastacars.


Blue fireproof suit with the ff4 emblem on it.


Skintight uniform that's fireproof. allows johnny to flame on without burning his regular clothes.




Fantastic Four


Ben; Reed; Sue; Avengers; Quantum.


Quantum (dating, eventually)


Mary Storm (mother, deceased)
Franklin Storm (father, deceased)
Susan Storm (Invisible Woman, sister)
Reed Richards (Mister Fantastic, brother-in-law)
Marygay Jewel Dinkins (aunt)
"Bones" (cousin)


Doctor Doom



Character History:

Johnny is the youngest child of Franklin and Mary Storm. He was really close to his family. But when his mother died hen Johnny was still young it nearly tore the family apart. The father stopped caring about them and Susan became his sister and parent all in one. He became to depend on her for everything. Food, school supplies, you name it. She was his whole world and he was always grateful she was there for him. He grew to resent his father and his father just drifted apart from them. Their father eventually got in trouble by shooting a loan shark. He was thrown in jail. Susan and Johnny moved away to live with Aunt Margay.

Johnny wasn't as smart as Susan but Susan and Aunt Margay helped him study and get passing grades mostly C's an B's. He made a few friends in school and started hanging out with Susan less and less allowing her to have a bit of a life too. In high school he started flirting and dating girls. He was a ladies man and couldn't help it. He didn't stay committed though seeing how his parents relationship ended and feared he might fall for someone only for her to die or not work out.

When he was 15 he and his friends went out partying one night. He got drunk and dared to get a tattoo. Not wanting to get caught but not willingt to back down. In the agreement he got to choose one tattoo while the guy he dared him got to choose the other. Johnny got a phoenix tattoo on his left butt cheek and the other guy chose white rose on his right butt cheek. It wasn't as painful as he thought it was but it was hard to sit down for long after that. His friends teased him about it but eventually his pals gave him a break and stopped teasing him about it. After graduation most of his friends left town going to college while Johnny stayed in town working odd jobs. When he was 17 after graduating high school he started doing odd jobs including modeling once and awhile. He tried out to be a pilot and got his license. After that he tried out for astronaut school. He flunked often brought his model friends or dates there which ticked off Ben at the time. He eventually flunked out to Ben's relief and Johnny's disappointment.

When Susan fell in love with Victor Von Doom Johnny supported her wanting his sister to be happy. When Victor funded Reed's project into space he became the pilot joining victor, susan, ben, and reed into space. Cosmic rays hit the base and despite their best efforts all five were affected. Johnny gain the power to light up his body in flames but also destroying any clothes he had on at the time. While the others gained powers as well and the main four decided to form a superhero team called the Fantastic 4. Victor was in denial and didn't realize he was infected at first but eventually began to use his powers for evil.

Johnny meanwhile was using his powers to get publicity after Susan gave them uniforms that his powers could work on without burning up. He called them the Fantastic 4. He constantly made pranks on Ben and Reed made tests to test the limits of his powers. When Dr. Doom was revealed to be evil he tricked Ben into stripping his powers and sent a missile after Johnny while planning to kill Reed alone. The team eventually reunited with Ben regaining his powers back by exposing himself to the cosmic rays again. Together they defeated Doom and sealed him away. Shortly afterwards Reed and Sue got married and Johnny was happy for them.

After a few more battles the team officially disbanded. Reed and Sue wanted to have kids and settle down. they moved out of the baxter building first. Ben did next moving in with alicia. Johnny didn't want to give up the super hero life stayed in their old flat. Reed had taken most of his equipment with him but left a lot fo the gadgets and inventions he'd mdae for the team for johnny to use. he decided to fly solo occasionally teaming up with other heroes. And he was often thrilled to team up with a certain SHIELD agent. An agent he had a crush on but had never said anything fearing rejection or ruining their friendship. SHIELD was one of the people he got his missions from. He signed the Accords not wanting to be a fugitive. He often got confused for Captain America to his irritation at times but he often found it amusing as well. He can't wait for his next mission and next adventure.