Full Name:

Reyes, Roberto  (not available for adoption)


Skeleton Driver, Robot Racer.



Identity Is:


Char Type:





Gabriel Luna


H: 6“ 1‘ | W: 177 lbs.

Hair Color:

Black, Natural

Eye Color:

Brown, Dark




You can't live in fear.


G - General. Suitable For Members Of All Ages; No Maiming, Mutitilating, Or Other Possible Traumatic Situations. Prior Explicit Player Consent Required Before Event Inclusion.


Spirit of Vengeance and Kick-ass-ery





Date Of Birth:

5 / 12 / 1982   (34 / 0 - Sagittarius)





Power Source:

External (Magical)

Power Rank:



Fi: EX/20 | Ag: TY/06 | St: REM/30 | En: MON/75 | Re: TY/06 | In: GD/10 | Ps: EX/20


Repair, install and troubleshoot current technology


Freelance, lower middle class, students


Operate current technology: computers, electronics


Complicated Living Situation: With the manifestation of his powers as the Ghost Rider, Robbie's life became more complicated. Already the sole guardian of his brother Gabe, Robbie's responsibilities as the Rider have made it harder for him to both care for his brother and protect people. Even with all the good he wants to do, Gabe needs constant care, as his disabilities have left him limited due to his mother being shoved down the stairs while she was pregnant by him by Robbie and Gabe's uncle Eli. This made Gabe a weak point for Robbie, one that Eli constantly poked at until the rage in him allowed Eli to take control. All that has happened has left Gabe in the care of others, and Robbie is trying to find a way to get his life together so that he can get his brother back. He wants his family back together, because Gabe is the only thing he has left in the world.




HELL CHARGER (1969 Dodge Charger) - The heavily modified 1969 Dodge Charger that Robbie drives was originally the catalyst for the fusion of his mortal soul and body to the spirit of Elias Morrow's. The Hell Charger originally belonged to Elias, the devil



Character History:

Robbie Reyes was a young mechanic working in Los Angeles, California. The neighborhood he lived in was plagued with gangs and corruption, making life difficult for him and his brother, Gabe, who looked up to him as a hero.

Eager to move to a safer neighborhood, Robbie entered a street race to earn fifty thousand dollars. Unbeknownst to him, the car he used was inhabited by a ghost. As he was taking the lead, however, he was followed by whom he assumed to be the police. Worried about what would happen to Gabe without him, Robbie tried to escape, but inadvertently drove into a dead end. He left his car and attempted to explain himself to his pursuers, only for them to violently open fire upon him, killing him. They took an unknown substance that had been hidden in his car and attempted to burn the evidence- including Robbie's body. However, as they left, the ghost possessed Robbie, transforming him into a new Ghost Rider. The Ghost Rider gave chase and managed to take out a handful of Robbie's attackers, though some of them got away.

Robbie awoke the next morning, believing the events had simply been a nightmare. However, he soon found that one of his eyes was now orange. Concerned, he returned to the workshop where the car had been. While attempting to take it out for another drive, he was confronted by two thugs, who worked for the owner of the car. Robbie became the Ghost Rider again and attacked them, before driving to a junkyard and reverting. The Ghost Rider appears as Robbie's reflection, and Robbie asks the Rider what it is, to which it responds; "The real question is...what are we?". The demon reveals itself to be a spirit named "Eli", and offers Robbie a chance to seek vengeance towards those who have done wrong. After some brief thought, Robbie accepted....


It'd always been just him and Gabe, and that was part of the problem. Robbie lost sleep to working nights at Canelo's while still going to school and trying to manage their finances. With his parents out of the picture, Robbie was the primary carer in the family and Gabe relied on him exclusively considering all they couldn't afford. What Canelo didn't know wouldn't hurt him, and that thing he didn't know was the fact that Robbie sometimes borrowed the cars to go out and make a little extra cash. Street-racing had its merits, and no one had to know that the kid behind the helmet was just a teenager who was trying to keep life as straight as possible for him and his brother.
Gabe didn't know, didn't need to, as there were complexities about their lifestyle that he didn't need to stress about. Robbie never wanted Gabe stressed out. His brother was one of the few things that gave him a smile even when things were hard, even when he sometimes wished he wasn't the only one taking care of things. It wasn't something he blamed Gabe for. It was something he was ever bitter toward his parents for. All wrapped up in a young teen's memory, he can recall them leaving him and his brother with social services, in the hands of care-takers until Robbie was old enough to apply for guardianship of his brother and work to feed both of them. He couldn't recall their reasons, wouldn't know until he'd already seen hell why they would put all of that on him.

He was stressed, but he worked through it, arguing with Canelo until he could find a sitter for Gabe most of the time and then going into work anyway. What Canelo didn't know couldn't hurt him, right?


He'd taken the wrong car, or it was just the wrong night. That was what was going through his mind when it all went down, the lights behind him telling him he was getting pulled over, the moment he pulled into that dead-end alley and had nowhere to go. Getting out of the car the thought that crossed his mind was how much more Gabe was going to suffer without him in his life, with him locked up. The last thing that went through his mind were bullets though. Literal bullets.

They were wearing military gear, he remembered them clear as day, not cops. They'd shot him, poured gasoline over him and the Charger with the intent to burn away the evidence. The moment flames caught him though, the moment he died... He woke up, thinking it was all one hell of a dream, that maybe he'd just imagined the race and the people who had died at his hands. The only real evidence that something seemed to be off at first was the weird colour of his eye. They were just dreams right?

Wrong again. Gangbangers laying claim to the car he had driven in the race, the car that had been set aflame and yet had been his ride to take out los soldados who'd shot him, came around looking for trouble. That was when Eli introduced himself, promised him power, promised him an eternal kindred soul that would help him mop up the criminal problem on their streets. Little did Robbie know that he had somehow thrown himself in the middle of a drug-war, and the only one on his side would be the devil.


Eli Morrow wasn't a spirit of vengeance. None other than the Ghost Rider himself Johnny Blaze had knocked that one to him while he'd had him wrapped up in chains, throwing down and catching Eli in his penance stare long enough to slow him down. He'd been running rampant with Robbie's body, after revenge for his death. But Johnny helped him understand, and put some sense into him. At first he thought anyone who would make a deal with the devil was an idiot, but the satanic killer inside him was a step in that direction. He couldn't trust Eli, and he needed to control him.
Eli Morrow, it seemed, had been a serial killer, torturing and murdering at least thirty-seven people in satanic rituals until he was gunned down by police at the end of the nineties. His things, buried under the floorboards in the Reyes house helped Robbie to paint together a picture of all that had happened. Not just some random killer. His uncle. The man his parents fought over, the man his father defended. Eli himself later revealed that he had been the one who had thrown Robbie's mother down the stairs, the one who had caused Gabriel to be born with disabilities. In his anger, in his rage, the Rider came out, and Eli was able to take control.

He went after those who had abandoned him, those who had left him to be killed by the cops, who had taken his car. Yegor Ivanov, the piece of shit. It had gone beyond simply stopping the gangbangers who had killed Robbie, from stopping the drug-bust that had led to things escalating and Mr. Hyde creating more of those drugged up soldados. It had been about selfish revenge, which was not something that Robbie would have agreed to on his own. Instances of discourse disrupted Robbie's life. The moment Eli would come close, Johnny was there to stop him, help Robbie regain control. That was until the moment that Gabe came between them.

Eli could see it, that Robbie would never help him and do his bidding while his brother was there. He needed some way to unhinge them both. Even as the discourse grew, his whispering began to Robbie's little brother. Even with Gabe's progression in his development, even as he continued to get better, his relationship with Robbie suffered. Sometimes he'd be gone so long, it made Gabe worry. In a moment of weakness, Eli had taken control of him, left Gabe alone for too long, and he'd gone without eating for the night, the Ghost Rider out until the early hours looking for Ivanov, who was on the move.

Struggling to keep control of the evil spirit inside of him and his relationship with his brother, Robbie vowed not to help Eli find Yegor as it continued to negatively impact his brother.

But Eli had another idea. He took control of Gabe, influencing him enough to fight his brother until Robbie agreed to help him and find Ivanov. Robbie even vowed to kill for Eli, if he would let Gabriel go. The spirit of his uncle did so. Robbie the surrendered Gabe into the care of social services, stating that he was unfit to parent him on his own any more.

He would not take care of his brother with Eli and him at war.


They'd chased Yegor Ivanov down the coast, the Russian finding allies among the Cartels and making a break for Mexico. That didn't stop the Ghost Rider though, Robbie's penchant to be done with Eli's misdeeds bringing them to Tijuana where they cornered the bastard off. He had been holed up in some fat jefe's warehouse, keeping his head apparently as far down as it could go. People talk, and with the more the Rider appeared the looser the lips became. Ivanov had nowhere left to run.
"Nowhere left to hide, Yegor. Whaddya say we break even? Or I just break you." Eli Morrow sneered in the face of the Russian as flames erupted from their skull. Chains whipped around his neck as they were summoned, wrapping around him just as the Rider went in to scorch him. He erupted in Hellfire, a blaze that matched the guns that had been aimed at them not long before. Guns couldn't stop them from killing Ivanov though. But the kill didn't purge Eli from his body, it only did the opposite. You will murder again... Eli promised, their souls merging eternally.

"I'll make you a deal..." As his flesh burned out and was healed anew, Robbie weighed his options, knowing that his tio's spirit was right. He would never be rid of the urge to kill, the urge of a satanist, a serial killer. He would always thrive for the kill, the rage, and maybe even the hunt. "Find me the foulest, darkest degenerate souls to walk the earth...people like you, Eli Morrow...and I'll gladly destroy them." The deal was struck, but the promise was that those were the only lives he would take. Yegor was the first. They found plenty more in their stead in Tijuana, but when the urges subsided for the time being, he was left to his devices. He returned to street racing as a means to get them real money.

That was until a man showed up, calling himself the Sorcerer Supreme. Eli had laughed the man off, but he'd been able to prove it. He had another deal for Robbie, one that he couldn't refuse. With the Rider's gifts that he had, with the promise from Johnny that he was a rider now and that made him family, Blaze had seen something in him that was worth saving. Even with Eli in control, Robbie still hadn't solved the problem of not being a killer. But Strange had work for him, work for him as a Hero. The gifts that he had could be put to good use, saving people. New York was as hideous as Los Angeles with its crimes.

And maybe with enough good done, he could make up for the evil that he was doing at the same time. He didn't think for a second that he could fool the sorcerer into thinking that there wasn't a killer in him, but he could still earn some form of redemption. He accepted the terms, and he promised to meet Strange in New York.


New York, a hell of a change from the West Coast. Most of the heat was gone, replaced by a different kind of extreme he wasn't used to. Strange had promised him he had a place there, that this would feed not only the devil inside of him but help him keep up his end of the bargain by doing some good. Another deal hatched, another deal made. The difference this time was that he was working toward getting Gabe back.
"You've got evil inside of you."

Those words rang out in his mind each time he thought of leaving and heading back to Los Angeles, each time he thought about going back to Gabe and going through whatever hell he had to to get him back. He thought about it when he wondered why he was there, what the point of trying to redeem himself was if he could never get rid of the evil inside. Heroes for Hire, paid to save people. What was the honor in getting paid to do the right thing?

Regardless of the answer, he was doing it. Being needed somewhere was just an illusion though, Eli and him and figured it out. Blaze must have talked to Strange, and he was sure that he was being watched. Even with the gang-bangers disappearing off of the streets at night, even with the murderers and the rapists they purged from the world...not a word was said. They wanted to make sure he wasn't killing innocents.

"We had a deal." Eli would say, and question Robbie about if he trusted him. They both knew the answer to that. As much as Robbie could trust in a deal, he would never trust the spirit of Eli Morrow. Not the man who had harmed his mother, his brother or torn his life apart. He would only hope that maybe Strange had some tricks up his sleeve, and that maybe one day he would be purged of the hell he'd been cast into.