Full Name:

Mussad, Issa, Rahjeen  (not available for adoption)


Rahj, Izzie

Identity Is:


Char Type:





H: 6“ 4‘ | W: 191 lbs.

Hair Color:

Black, Jet

Eye Color:

Brown, Med


Issa is a very tall (six foot four inches) and athletic young man with dark and chiseled features. He has calming brown eyes, and a mischievous smile.


He is a tall, slim, athletic man of Saudi Arabia heritage. He comes from a prominent family and has been afforded many of the finer things in life. He believes he is a representation of his family, and because of this he keeps himself extremely well groomed. He also makes sure he exercises regularly and keeps a strict diet in order to keep himself in the best possible condition. When back in his home country he dresses in traditional fashion, using the finest of fabrics to show his social status. However, when he is in America, he dressed more casual and can usually be seen in a shirt and jeans.




"Give your friends your money and your blood, but don’t justify yourself. Your enemies won’t believe it and your friends won’t need it."

Theme Song:

Jammin with the snakes/Arabic music - Oriental Angels


G - General. Suitable For Members Of All Ages; No Maiming, Mutitilating, Or Other Possible Traumatic Situations. Prior Explicit Player Consent Required Before Event Inclusion.


Desert Savior




Caregiver - You always try to help those around you, struggling to make a difference in the needs and sorrows of the unfortunate. People around you depend on his stability and strength to keep them steady and centered. You are the one people turn to when they have a problem.


Explorer - Seek new experiences and ideas.


Issa is a very well mannered and respectful young man. He often keeps to himself, but will not hesitate to help others when the need arises. He is a lover of animals and people, and is considered by some to be a social butterfly. He is often thrust onto the social scene to keep up appearances by his parents, but truth be told he would rather be home reading a book, or letting the sound waves from music ripple through his body.




United Arab Emirates

Legal Status:

Adult, Record sealed

Date Of Birth:

10 / 10 / 1995   (21 / 22 - Libra)

Place Of Birth:

Saudi Arabia




Epsilon-kappa - Ek3

Power Source:

Mutation - Genetic: Hereditary

Power Rank:



Fi: TY/06 | Ag: GD/10 | St: GD/10 | En: GD/10 | Re: GD/10 | In: GD/10 | Ps: TY/06


Some tech exposure, understands complex machines


Small ineritance or business, upper middle class


Some tech exposure, understands complex machines

Power Description:

SOUND MANIPULATION :: Issa possesses the ability to generate, and manipulate sound waves. With this ability he is able to amplify and decrease any sound waves around him, he can manipulate these sound waves for various effects. Some of the ways in which he manipulates sound waves are by helping him to create sonic booms, augment his voice to create deafening screeches, and create areas of complete silence. He also has been seen on occasion to use sound waves to vibrate at the same frequency as certain items, which causes them to explode. Issa was born completely deaf in both ears. To compensate for this hindrance, his mutation makes his body extremely sensitive to sound waves, and he can feel them as deep pulses throughout his body. This allows him to pinpoint every sound wave in his vicinity, and manipulate it accordingly. While he is proficient in using his abilities, it does cause significant strain on his body if he uses his abilities for a prolonged period of time. Currently, with deep concentration, he can manipulate sound waves to perform several simultaneous tasks. At the peak of his powers he can manipulate sound waves to reach up to 200 decibels creating ear rupturing sonic booms that can prove fatal with prolonged exposure.

SONIC BOOM :: With concentration, Issa can amplify sound waves in order to create a sonic boom. He uses this to his advantage most of the time when engaging enemies by clapping or slamming his hands very hard to create the ear shattering sound. He also has managed to time his punches and kicks so that the sound they produce is amplified into a sonic boom as it makes contact with his enemies. His sonic booms can vary in intensity, but at full power can create areas if intense sound as well and powerful concussive force.

SOUND DISTORTION :: By manipulating sound waves, Issa is able to rearrange the sound waves to produce effects that would normally not be produced. Using this, Issa is able to make a sound appear as if it is something completely different, and also sound to be delayed before it reaches its target. This is something he does often when engaging enemies as it can hinder his enemies from being able to communicate with each other.

SOUND DAMPENING :: By manipulating available sound wave vibrations, Issa is able to suppress the sound waves in a small area to cause the area to become cloaked in an eerie silence. The area that can be dampened currently has about a ten foot radius from its origin point, which would be Issa. During this time, anything within this silenced area causes sound, but the sounds are immediately blocked out by the waves of sound being transmitted by Issa. At current he can hold his sound dampening field for about five minutes.

SOUND WAVE SHIELDING :: This is an involuntary ability that triggers whenever Issa uses his sound based abilities. When Issa uses his powers, his body automatically produces sound waves to help provide as a buffer for some of the effects of the sound. It protects Issa from a large portion of the concussive forces that are produced by his sonic booms.


SIGN LANGAUGE: Issa has spent years perfecting American Sign Language as a way to communicate with the people in his knew country. He is quite skilled at it, and loves to teach it to anyone who wants to learn.

LIP READING: Issa has recently been studying how to read lips and is quite good at it. On average he can interpret what others say with nearly ninety percent accuracy. Those who talk very fast, have speech impediments, and those trained at ventriloquism, give Issa great difficulty with reading them.


CURIOSITY: Issa has an incredible curiosity that often overrides his common sense. This often has the potential to lead him into all sorts of trouble and danger. However it is often the case that his curiosity will prove to be for the best as it will lead to his finding something of potentially critical importance.

ATHLETIC: Naturally athletic, Issa has won multiple awards for athletic achievement. Much of this is due to training, but natural ability and aptitude also plays a lot in to it. This athletic ability shines particularly when he plays basketball, a sport that he loves to play. He is also a bit of a gym rat, as he loves to be in peak physical condition.

ATTRACTIVE: Issa is a very attractive young man. His height, striking features, and playful nature lead many to become very attracted to him. His appearance often causes him to be the center of attention much of the time.


DEAF: Issa was born without the ability to hear. While doctors have proposed many theories for this, from genetics to possible disease, the actual reasoning as to why Issa cannot hear is due to his mutation. His ability to manipulate sound waves allows him to increase sound to deafening levels. In order to protect himself from the effects of his sound abilities, he has a complete inability to hear. This helps shields him from the actual sounds he produces.

TELEPATHIC SENSITIVITY: Although Issa is not particularly susceptible to telepathic probing, he is very sensitive to telepathic communication. Issa is not used to hearing sounds at all and, when a telepath enters his mind and communicates with him, it causes him to become frightened. For some reason telepathic communications are unintentionally amplified in his mind causing him pain as well. It is because of this that Issa fears telepaths.




SMART PHONE: Issa has a smart phone that allows him to send texts, surf the web, and utilize thousands of different apps.

TEXT TALK APP: A simple app that can be installed on any smart device, which allows the user to text words into the phone, and the words are then spoken out loud from the smart device. Issa uses this as one of his primary means to communicate with others.

PEN AND PAD: Issa always carries around a travel sized pen and pad for writing down things, and also to communicate with others without using sign language or his app.


WEALTHY FAMILY: Back in his native country, Issa's family is very well to do. They have long held high status in their community and, through marriage, political connections, and luck, they have amassed a small fortune. Although he does not possess any direct access to this money until his parents pass on and leave him an inheritance, he still does get support from his mother when he desperately needs it.


DODGE CHALLENGER: Issa was gifted a Dodge Challenger for his nineteenth birthday from his parents. Although he loves to walk more than drive, he keeps the car in a garage near his home just in case.




Atefah Mussad (Mother)

Djamila Mussad (Sister)

Duaa Mussad (Sister)

Asim Mussad (Father)

Heydar Mussad (Grandfather)

Kamaria Mussad (Grandmother)

Nabila Mussad (Step Grandmother)



Character History:

Issa was born in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia into the Mussad family. Because of this he enjoys the privilege and wealth of Saudi Arabia’s elite. This is largely due to his Grandfather the investment banker, his grandmother who manages her late father’s shipping company, and his father who works for the Royal Saudi Arabian Embassy. They have spent years developing the Mussad name, and they are all highly respected in their community.

Issa’s birth was one that was plagued with issues from the start. During pregnancy, his mother came down with a terrible sickness that left her bed ridden for nearly a month. After this she was so severely weakened that the doctors did not think she would carry the unborn child to term. Preparations were being made just in case she was to miscarry. By some unseen stroke of luck Issa’s mother did not miscarry, however she did not make it to full term either.

As she began to experience increased abdominal pains during her eight month, the doctors came to the agreement that in order to save the baby they would have to perform an emergency caesarian section. Feeling as it was the only hope to save the baby; his mother reluctantly consented to the procedure. The entire process took significantly longer than expected, with Issa finally being born without a heartbeat. The doctors sprang into action and eventually got his heart to beat and air to flow into his lungs. He would remain on an incubator in the hospital for six more weeks.

Once he was okay to be released from the hospital, he was finally taken home to meet his family. He was brought into a large home where family and friends crowded around to see the precious new addition. He was picked up, played with, kissed, and hugged by all. However, it was noticed that when those around him called out to him, or imitated baby talk, he would not respond. His father dismissed this behavior as a baby just being a baby. However they would all soon come to realize that this was not the case.

As the weeks went on Issa continued to get stronger and interact with those around him, but many began noticing that he would not respond to his name or to any loud noises that would normally shock a young child. Seeing this his grandmother urged his parents to take him to the family physician. After a lengthy argument, the two agreed that he would see the physician soon.

Soon Issa would find himself arriving at the doctor and undergoing all the normal infants tests. All things pointed to a healthy baby boy, until they performed an otoacoustic emissions test on him. This was a test to measure a child’s ability to hear. Unfortunately for the Mussad family, it was determined that Issa could not hear any sounds at all. The family was devastated at this news, and the quickly began to spend large sums of money to discover the cause of this and correct it. Issa would undergo many tests and experimental procedures during the first few years of his life, but none of them could explain his hearing loss or restore it. He was even strangely immune to the effects of the hearing aids he had been provided. Feeling as if there was nothing more they could do, Issa would be raised as best they could.

Despite his impairment, Issa flourished within the Mussad family. Everyone loved him and even learned sign language to allow an easier way to communicate. He had private tutors to help him excel at his studies, he loved sports and played frequently, and he even had a girlfriend or two in his youth. He was growing into a fine young man who loved all and was given love by all. He also started working with his father within the embassy. He used this position to travel to many places all over the world, including America. It was on one such trip that he would find out who and what he truly was.

It was only his second time visiting America and he had managed to book a hotel room in the heart of Times Square. He had spent much of the day sightseeing, and now that it was night he was partying with a few of the locals. He had stayed at a small lounge until it was about to close, and decided to make his way back to his hotel room that was about ten minutes away. Taking to the streets, Issa did not pay much attention to the things happening around him. After all he was an extremely tall athlete walking through the city that never sleeps. He never dreamed someone would try to bother him. He was very wrong.

In an instant he felt a blunt force on the back of his head and saw a bright light flash. He was on the floor in no time, looking up at three men screaming at him. Not knowing that he was deaf, the gentlemen continued to scream at him thinking he was being defiant. Issa did not know what was happening or why he was being attacked. All he could think about was trying to get out of the situation. Raising himself to his feet, he held his arms out as he was slightly disoriented. Trying to get a hold of the situation, Issa backed up. It was at this time one of the men grabbed him and they began to struggle.

He tried to pull away as another of the men tried to hit him once more. Issa’s heart beat wildly as he feared the men would kill him. In his whole life he had never experienced anything like this. Mustering up all the strength he had, he balled up his fist and struck the man who was grappling with him. A deafening sound thundered through the area, shattering glass, and causing everything to be pushed back by the force of the blow. Issa had discovered his true power, and simultaneously created a sonic boom that could be heard for miles. Car alarms rang out, windows were shattered, and people came running to investigate.

As all this was happening, Issa was looking around frightened. He did not know what had happened. All he took note of were the three men who laid on the street unresponsive, with blood dripping from there ears. Seeing this, Issa ran as fast as he can back to his hotel room, texting his father frantically. It was at this time a voice began to echo in his head, loud, booming, commanding, and assuring him all would be okay. He had never heard anything before and now something was talking to him about mutants, and schools, and X-men.