Full Name:

Altman, Theodore, Rufus  (not available for adoption)


Hulkling, Titan


Teddy, Blondie

Identity Is:


Char Type:





Mason Dye


H: 6“ 1‘ | W: 225 lbs.

Hair Color:

Blonde, Honey

Eye Color:

Green, Med


Being a shape shifter, there's really no such thing as 'distinguishing features' for Teddy. He does tend to have some characteristics that persist across his different shapes, though. Unless there is a reason for it to change, Teddy has blond hair and bri


While Teddy has the capacity to change his appearance in many ways, he has a typical, presumably default, appearance as detailed here. He is a handsome young man of striking features. He is tall, with a strong build which due to his mutant physiology he is surprisingly dense. His blond hair is typically short and styled in a messed fashion. His eyes are a dark sapphire blue, his lips are full, and there is a dimple on his right cheek. He has a variety of piercings in each ear, as well. He tends to dress casually, often in cargo pants and a hoodie or pullover of some sort - he tends not to wear tight or binding clothing when possible. As a shapechanger though, he can ready his appearance for a mosh pit, nature hike, or black tie reception at the drop of a hat.


Black sleeveless leather vest with zippers and matching pants, boots, and fingerless gloves.




You shot me in the head? The Head!? Seriously, dude, the first rule of shape-shifting is HIDE YOUR BRAIN! And speaking of brains, I think I'll pound yours into the pavement now.


G - General. Suitable For Members Of All Ages; No Maiming, Mutitilating, Or Other Possible Traumatic Situations. Prior Explicit Player Consent Required Before Event Inclusion.


Hybrid Hero




Defender - You stand guard over that for which you care.


Caregiver - You always try to help those around you, struggling to make a difference in the needs and sorrows of the unfortunate. People around you depend on his stability and strength to keep them steady and centered. You are the one people turn to when they have a problem.


Many see Teddy as rather adult. He's friendly, moves between groups with ease, and is ever willing to help. While not as intelligent as some of the mutants he's met, he is smart and has a surprising amount of life experience for someone his age; he speaks with maturity. He is responsible, balancing his active lifestyle against his studies. He's loyal to whichever cause he has chosen, but much more loyal to the people he cares about. Anyone who would threaten a loved one would certainly face his wrath. Teddy is driven. His adoptive mother has always emphasized the need for vigilance with him. She's made sure he knows how to take care of himself most situations. This makes him sound dull but he's not, he's a pretty normal teenager, far from perfect and he likes to enjoy himself. He isn't secretive about being gay. He likes being in the gay community and likes to be active in promoting gay rights and issues. He'll do almost anything he has to in order to accomplish the mission, especially saving another. Teddy has grown to act out of a genuine need to protect others. He has a deep-seated need for love and has a romantic heart. As with most individuals, he's a paradox of behavior.



Date Of Birth:

3 / 5 / 1999   (17 / 17 - Taurus)

Place Of Birth:

New York, NY (he believes)


GRD 11 - Junior




Young Avengers

Team Position:






Power Source:


Power Rank:



Fi: REM/30 | Ag: EX/20 | St: MON/75 | En: MON/75 | Re: GD/10 | In: EX/20 | Ps: REM/30


Some tech exposure, understands complex machines


Repair, install and troubleshoot current technology

Powers Overview:

Physically powerful alien hybrid capable of shapeshifting at will.

Power Description:

PHYSIOLOGICAL AWARENESS - Teddy posseses an innate ability to understand, analyze and adapt his body to any creature he can scan. He must have access to the creature's DNA via touch or trace to adapt and mimic. This ability gives him a genetic understanding of animal but doesn't give memories or skills.

HYPER-PHYSIOLOGY - Due to Teddy's unique Kree-Skrull hybrid physiology, he is not only the sum of his parts, he the preeminent genetic expression of them. As such he is capable of withstanding extreme amounts of physical an psychological punishment, allowing him to at least temporarily exceed his physical limitations due to pain, weather and other environmental extremes or lack there of, such as existing in a vacuum or minimizing the normal effect of a bullet to something like a small 'welt' or 'bruise'. In monstrous form he can ignore amazing amounts of damage and pain and he's often willing to do so if that's what it takes to get the job done. Additionally he can lift staggering volumes of weight with ease (up to 50 tons with difficulty), and leaping distances of 1,000 yards and a maximum height of 500 yards with a running start.

REGENERATION (LIMITED): This regenerative healing ability is of a limited form (far below Wolverine's ability) with timing based upon individual damage and plot/storyline needs. Should Teddy be hurt, his enhanced physiology acts to more quickly heal wounds and other injuries than a typical human. Extreme injuries can be regenerated as well but would require extensive time, likely half the time of a typical person. Common viruses fail to compromise his system while diseases are attacked more vigorously. In part, Teddy's shape-shifting works to alter his body to compensate for attacks, moving vital organs, etc. It is not known if he can regenerate after death.

SHAPE-SHIFTING (Self) - Besides the assumption of his 'Monstrous Form', Teddy can also change his general appearance at will. By shifting the actual atoms of his body, he can duplicate the appearance of any person, place, or thing in exacting detail. His ability to duplicate appearance is exceptional in its ability to mimic others, so exact that not only can he change sex and approximate the humanoid being mimicked's wardrobe, he can precisely duplicate another person down to their retina pattern, finger, palm, and skin-pore patterns, and vocal cords. But, if someone were to run blood or genetic test on him in a disguised form, the results would show that he is not what he appears to be. Teddy can adapt his natural physiology so as to duplicate the natural abilities of other lifeforms which he is exposed to such as an a bird's natural ability to fly, a canine's sense of smell or a fish's ability to breath underwater. When duplicating the natural abilities of an animal, Teddy's body may not appear to alter significantly if at all; instead, existing flesh changes the way it functions. For instance, his lungs might begin to function like gills with his neck developing gill slits. He can not duplicate the abilities of imaginary or mythical animals even though he could be shaped like them. And while other feats of his monstrous shifting abilities are yet to surface, he has shown signs of reactive/adaptive shifting in dire circumstances, and it is possible that if he were suddenly exposed to an airless, cold vacuum of space, his body would likely adapt so that not only did he not only not have to breathe, but that he could survive unhindered in the airless, cold vacuum of space. The full extent of this ability has not been seen or tested. Due to Teddy's natural shape-shifting abilities, he can develop unique and unusual anatomical features that can function as weapons. These adaptions may be of any nature and can be external, internal, or a retractable nature if he so desires. The weaponry chosen can increase the damage he is capable of doing or resisting by up to one power rank.

MONSTROUS FORM - A combination of his natural shape-shifting abilities, animal-mimicry and natural weaponry, Teddy can assume a 'monstrous' from which stand well over seven feet tall and is nearly as wide. In this form his musculature is exaggerated much like that of the Incredible HULK, his fingers become extremely thick and taloned, and his body becomes covered by a tough, plated, armadillo-like hide. Additionally, he can grow 'dragon-like' wings which allow him not only to fly, but to carry an amazing amount of weight.

TOUGH HIDE - When shape-shifting, Teddy's flesh shows signs of limited invulnerability. Common bullets at typical force bounce off his hide and blades have difficulty cutting into him.


Teddy has always been athletic. He has played on school football, basketball, and wrestling teams. He's a good swimmer, too, but prefers the social aspect of being on a team. He also enjoys weightlifting and running to keep himself in shape.

His involvement in gay rights has brought him into contact with a number of people in need, especially other teens. This has shaped his desire to protect those who he feels need protecting. he has volunteered for a number of support organizations and hopes to one day become a counselor for those in need.

His adoptive mother placed Teddy in any number of self-defense and martial arts classes. She told him it was to help build character and discipline, but it also has made him quite agile and a very good hand-to-hand fighter.


ALTERED KREE/SKRULL PHYSIOLOGY - Teddy is a hybrid of Captain Marvel a genetically altered Kree and Princess Anelle. The merging of their DNA allowed the Deviant DNA to mutate which normal Skrulls could not without the use of technology. Captain Marvel possessed Solar Energy Absorbtion and Energy Emissions which would explain Teddy's ability to replicate people with energy emissions. Teddy is highly immune to the mind altering affects of Daken and Purple Man and his physiology is considered alien even to Kree and Skrull scientists.

AMBIDEXTROUS: Teddy is equally capable of performing any task with either hand from writing to rolling dice to acts of slight of hand if they are so skilled that he could give David Blaine a run for his money. This means that Teddy will be able to perform tasks just as well with one hand injured. It's possible he could have even more than one hand.

ATHLETE - Teddy is naturally athletic, partaking in team sports and regular outdoor activity. He's attained a few awards over time. Teddy lifts weights, swims, practices sprinting, enjoys long distance running and plays on the wrestling, basketball, and football teams.

ATTRACTIVE - Teddy has a habit of turning heads where ever he goes. His eyes are bright and tend to catch the light. His grin is quite disarming but that's if you are even looking up that far. This does make it difficult to blend in or sneak through a crowd. Though, being a shapeshifter, he can alter his appearance if he thinks about it.

COMBAT REFLEXES - It's incredibly difficult to surprise Teddy as he can react in an instant. His initiative can even surprise any would-be attackers who might think they have the jump on him or might otherwise attempt to knock him 'off-balance'. Furthermore, his private training and participation in sports have fueled his ability to move in a sure manner even during the toughest of situations.

HARD TO KILL - Simply put, Teddy is incredibly difficult to kill. His body and form respond to the situation, allowing him to survive against incredible odds. His mild healing factor and shape-shifting powers attribute to this.

SHAPE-SHIFTING AWARENESS - Teddy has a natural affinity for detecting others like himself, even when the one being observed has changed to look like something else. To him it's far easier and sharper than gaydar. Upon a first encounter, a mental shiver will alert him if someone is not in their normal form. Teddy doesn't really question how it works. He just knows other shape-shifters when he meets them.


MORAL CODE - No matter what, Teddy will not kill or, more importantly, allow someone else to kill or be killed by action or inaction, regardless of the situation or mitigating circumstances. Saving lives takes precedence over all, even over catching the bad guys or saving himself. Needless to say there are times when this code causes problems. Teddy knows this, but, in his eyes, being a hero means protecting others first, not getting the bad guys. This can be difficult for him to accept and remember when he is pushed beyond emotional stability.

MINORITY - Teddy is definitely in a minority not only being a mutant, but gay as well. Despite all this, he doesn't really care what people think about him regarding these things. But considering how people can react, he doesn't 'shout out' his sexual orientation to the world; he isn't ashamed of it, though, and if someone puts two and two together he won't hide it. That said he does like the freedom that the gay community allows him in that he can be himself and not feel constrained by the 'straight' world, he feels at home there and works to support relevant gay issues, such as helping teens unsure of their sexuality.




IPhone, Mac Book


Avengers Facilities - Teddy possess standard access to the Avengers Mansion, Training Facilities, etc. due to his position as a cadet member of the Avengers Academy in good standing.

New York Library System - The proud owner of a New York Library card, Teddy has access to all that the New York Library system has to offer including educational seminars, microfiche records and even free DVD rentals and online streaming video and music.

New York Transit System - Teddy possesses a current METROpass allowing him to ride any bus or subway which is part of the New York transit system




Black sleeveless leather vest with zippers and matching pants, boots, and fingerless gloves.




Teresa Altman - Adoptive mother, realtor
Princess Anelle - Birth Mother
Captain Mar-Vel - Birth Father Thomas
Tommy Sheppard (Speed) - Best friend, classmate and founding member of the Young Avengers.
William Kaplan (Wiccan) - Classmate and founding member of the Young Avengers.


Young Avengers







Character History:

Teddy Altman was born from an illicit secret relationship between the Kree officer Captain Marvel and the young Skrull princess Anelle. The two races have long been at war with each other and a hybrid birth was so taboo as to be beyond their ability to even predict. Princess Anelle kept the pregnancy a secret even from the young Kree soldier. She gave birth to the child and sent her trusted handmaiden to Earth, a backwater planet. There she hoped the boy would be safe and able to grow up free of the war.

That handmaiden took on the identity of Teresa Altman and settled in to New York City. She hoped that one more 'immigrant' family there wouldn't raise too many suspicions. She prepared a cover story about the death of her husband, Teddy's father, and began a life as a realtor.

Teddy grew up believing himself to be human. He was stronger than most other kids, faster than them too, but that was just who he was, right? There were other kids smarter than him or more artistic. That was just normal. That's what he thought until his first shift at age 13. He then realized that he must be one of those mutants everyone on TV was so upset about. Self-preservation and a need to fit in helped him decide to hide all of this from everyone, including his mother.

On his own, Teddy began practicing and developing his skills. He learned how to change for rapidly and into more and more shapes. He learned how to use his abilities to do a variety of things. Being a kid, some of those uses were less than virtuous. Among other things, he learned how to make himself look much older so that getting into clubs was now no problem. Considering that he'd learned he could grow wings and fly, getting in and out of his mom's apartment at night wasn't a big problem, either.

When his grades started to slip, not that they were straight As or anything, he pulled it back. He kept up some of his 'enhancements,' but cut back on his wilder ways. That was until he decided to 'come out' to his best friend Greg.

If he were being completely honest, Teddy had a bit of a crush on Greg. He hoped that coming out as a mutant might somehow bring them together and maybe turn their friendship into something more. Instead, Greg saw the opportunity in Teddy's abilities. He convinced Teddy to use his abilities to make their basketball team, Greg was Team Captain, unstoppable. He also found ways that Teddy's powers could get them girls or access to the hottest clubs. Though the girls did nothing for Teddy, he did it all for Greg...right up until Greg convinced him to use his powers to break in to the Avenger's Mansion.

That was a step too far for even Teddy. Greg's reaction, and the things he called Teddy that night, convinced the young mutant that fitting in was not all it was cracked up to be, and giving up your sense of self to try and get someone else to like you back wasn't love; it was naivete.

From that day forward, Teddy became a much more self-aware and responsible young man. He vowed to never let someone use him the way he had. But he also vowed to not let that experience sour him on the idea of meeting someone worthy of loving who loved him in return.