Taken or Reserved Characters

Many of the playbys which have been associated with the characters appearing on this site are only to be considered suggestions. If you adopt one of our many available characters you are under no owness to use the character unless it is otherwise communicated to you while in the app process. So, what does that mean in english? If you app Spider-Man, you're free use Tom Holland, Andrew Garfield, Toby Maguire, or someone completely else, just so long as it's appropriate to the character, your selection will likely be approved. And if that selection is currently in use with another character, one of two options will used.

  • A: The unclaimed character will have it's playby changed.
  • B: Both character's will share the same playby so long as they use different images.
    Why you might ask? Because, sometimes, people just look alike, sometimes with astonishing similiaries - like Captain America and the Human Torch.

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